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Vehicular Pollution

The CNG sabotage

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2001

Exhausting Practices

Issue Date: Sep 15, 2000
it was bandied as a strategy to promote good vehicle maintenance and help curb pollution. But India's inspection and maintenance ( i&m ) programme -- in other words, the Pollution Under Control ( puc ) certificate scheme -- has turned into a major farce.


Issue Date: Jul 31, 2000
MUMBAI Death for Hire Diesel taxis are raising hell. Their drivers are lodged in a pitched battle with the civil society

How carcinogenic is your CAR?

Issue Date: May 15, 2000
In a study conducted for the Centre for Science and Environment, Swedish consultants Peter Ahlvik and Ake Brandberg at Ecotraffic have found that after taking into account all the toxic components in emissions the cancer potency level of diesel cars is double that of petrol cars in India.

Licence to kill

Issue Date: Jul 15, 1999
This story began with an early-morning phone call. "Do you know," the caller said, "Toyota, TELCO and General Motors are ganging up to start a pro-diesel campaign? They plan to take journalists on freebies to see excellent diesel technology across the world." Intrigued, I asked if the caller knew anyone who is behind this. He said, "Try Kuldip Sahdev. He works with Toyota."

Fatal Attraction

Issue Date: May 31, 1999
Hell on wheels Dieselmania hits the Indian private automobile sector. And why not? Diesel is cheaper than petrol, and car loans are available in plenty

When wealth is not health

Issue Date: Jan 31, 1999
They no longer say they are "living in Delhi". Thousands of Delhi residents who have to breathe its unhealthy air prefer to say that they are "dying in Delhi". The fear is for real. The capital's tree-lined avenues, grand colonial buildings, historical monuments are all submerged in the smog of anger and helplessness.

Death is in the air

Issue Date: Nov 15, 1997
the number of people dying in urban India due to deteriorating air quality is rising every year and very little is being done to deal with pollution in Indian cities. A stupendous 51,779 people are estimated to have died prematurely in 36 Indian cities due to air pollution in 1995 as against 40,351 in 1991-92 -- a rise of 28 per cent over the three-four year period.


Issue Date: Nov 15, 1996

Diesel: when bad policy makes for toxic hell

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2011
Just consider. Every time petrol prices are raised, oil companies end up losing more money. Simply because the price differential between petrol and diesel increases further, and people gravitate towards diesel vehicles. More the use of diesel, more the oil companies bleed. Worse, we all bleed because diesel vehicles add to toxic pollution in our cities, which, in turn, adds to ill health and treatment costs.
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