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Herbs to heal cattle

Issue Date: Oct 15, 2014
All veterinary doctors will unanimously agree that treating ruminaltympany disease (bloated rumen or paunch of the cattle) is difficult. After all, it is responsible for 20 per cent of cattle mortality in the country.

India's disregarded wolves

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2014

Fatal fashion

Author(s): Tiasa Adhya 
Issue Date: Sep 15, 2013
“SOFT GOLD” and diamond fibre—these words are used to describe cashmere, a fibre known for its light weight and cosy warmth. The material has infatuated the Western fashion world, leading to an expansion of the cashmere industry into a multibillion dollar business.

Horses, pigs and climate change

Posted on: 26 Aug, 2013
Amongst the Nakhi community in China's Yunan province where small farmers, who produced food from biodiverse crop cum livestock farms, have been made to give way to large-scale industrial agro-livestock complexes

The magician farmer

Issue Date: Jun 15, 2013

Who gets how much

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2013
**In Crore of Rupees

Plants have proteins

Author(s): Robert Goodland
Issue Date: Nov 15, 2012
When people hear calls for 25 per cent less industrial cattle ranching, or even calls for “Meat-Free Mondays”, their usual misgivings centre around protein. Protein needs vary somewhat with age, between men and women, infants, children, and during pregnancy and lactation, but a safe rule of thumb is 50 g/day.
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