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Food - Sangri for the soul

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2003
It is quintessentially Rajasthani. But if you have the nose to find the local Marwari shopkeeper, you will find that it has travelled the length and breadth of the country along with this business community. Sangri ki phali (pods of the khejari tree; Prosopis cineraria) grows in Rajasthan but can be found easily in Burra Bazaar of Kolkata, Khari Baoli in Old Delhi or Sahukarpet in Chennai.

Shoot borer devours Rajasthan's khejri trees

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2003
khejri (Prosopis cineraria) trees are well equipped to withstand the parched climate of Rajasthan. But they are becoming easy prey for hungry beetles. A recent survey by the Arid Forest Research Institute (afri), Jodhpur, reveals that insect attacks have taken a heavy toll on khejri trees in the state. The culprit has been identified as a nearly-four-centimetre-long yellowish brown insect, the shoot borer (Derolus discicollis).

A self-sacrificing tree

Issue Date: Jul 31, 1993
KHEJRI (Prosopis cineraria) is nature's best gift to the farmers of Rajasthan and Haryana for it not only thrives in drought conditions and in poor soils, but also encourages the growth of crops planted near it if its lateral roots are pruned (Changing Villages, Vol 12, No 1).
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