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Oxides Of Nitrogen (NOx)

CO2 tweaks nitrogen cycle

Author(s): Shruti Chowdhari
Issue Date: Jan 31, 2011
IN WHAT could have ramifications on the ocean food web, scientists have found that rising acidity of seawaters slows down marine nitrogen cycle.

Beyond CO2

Author(s): Manupriya
Issue Date: Nov 30, 2010
PLANTS soak more atmospheric pollutants than thought. A study by US scientists shows that apart from carbon dioxide, plants rid the air of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, the most abundant class of carbon-based chemicals in the atmosphere.

Green game over

Author(s): Ruhi Kandhari
Issue Date: Sep 15, 2010
The opening and closing ceremonies for Commonwealth Games at the Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) Stadium will flaunt two things— glitter and smoke.


Issue Date: Sep 30, 2009

Ships contribute to warming

Issue Date: Apr 30, 2009
Reduce speed of ships to control their emissions

Science & Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Apr 30, 2009
health sciences Mussels in surgery

With a trace of Molybdenum

Author(s): Kirtiman Awasthi
Issue Date: Jan 31, 2009
Tropical forests can capture carbon FORESTS hold the centrestage in climate change. They can reduce carbon emissions up to 10-20 per cent of what has been projected by 2050. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that the greatest potential for carbon capture exists within tropical forests.

Lentil report

Author(s): Archita Bhatta
Issue Date: Oct 31, 2008
Pulses in India contribute less to global warming greenhouse gas emission during pulse cultivation in India is much less than in developed countries because of minimal use of nitrogenous fertilizers. India has just got a proof of it.

On the shelf?

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2008
Centre's intent on ambient air quality standards unclear India's national ambient air quality standards have hit a roadblock. Revised after 14 years and finalized in May, the standards await the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests' (moef) clearance. Looks like the clearance will

But where's the data?

Author(s): Archita Bhatta
Issue Date: Jul 31, 2008
Indian scientists seek clarity on nitrogen emissions
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