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Eco-friendly economy

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1997
THE recently concluded International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, at the University of Roorkee in Uttar Pradesh, furs recommended developing the nation's economy in an eco-friendly manner. According to K G Ranga Raju, a professor at the university, risk assessment and disaster management should find a place in the overall planning of water resource projects.


Author(s): Anil Agarwal
Issue Date: Mar 15, 1997
In its search for a strategy for afforestation, a laudable goal in itself, the Madhya Pradesh (mp) government has once again put its foot in its mouth and buckled down unduly to commercial lobbies. Its decision to relax the land ceiling laws to permit timber companies to take up plantations on private lands, provides a totally unnecessary and wrong concession to these companies.

The altar is no alternative

Author(s): Milind K Pathak
Issue Date: Jan 15, 1997
In this paper, the brothers Ashish and Miloon Kothari have ably examined the effects of the new economic policy (nep) on India's environment during the post-reform period (1991-1995). They strike home when they say that the effect of the nep on the environment can at best be described as "throwing the baby out with the bathwater".

The economics of science

Issue Date: Oct 15, 1996
science and technology ( s & t ) reforms in China have neatly dovetailed into a dramatic transformation of the country's economy. A good case in point is the Fugou county in central China's Henan province, once a dusty landscape, where 70 per cent of the land area comprises sand and saline-alkali soil.

The culprit is...

Author(s): Vinayak Rao
Issue Date: Sep 15, 1996
the preparatory phase of the World Summit for Social Development witnessed the launch of several research projects relevant to and in support of issues like poverty, unemployment and social integration, to be discussed at the summit. The book under review is one of these.

Taking stock

Issue Date: Aug 31, 1996
The workings of currency markets has perplexed economists for a long time. The dynamics of speculative markets has been studied and modeled extensively with the hope of trying to beat the market. Now surprisingly, S Ghashghaie and his team has shown that the information cascade in markets follows the same dynamics as energy cascade in a turbulent fluid. The behaviour of long-and short-term investors and their interplay, plays a crucial role in the market, much like the energy flow from longer to shorter scales in a turbulent fluid.


Issue Date: Aug 15, 1996
The city of Sumgait which was an environmentalist's nightmare, is now looking up. Almost every factory in this heavily industrialised city had to close due to skyrocketing costs after the loss of the erstwhile Soviet markets and subsidies. This has given some solace to those who have suffered one of the worst environmental disasters in the former Soviet Union, even though they have lost their jobs. A plan is now afoot to put Sumgait's economy back on track with a promise to provide both jobs and cleaner air.

Making of a nightmare

Author(s): Khalid Hussain
Issue Date: Aug 15, 1996


Issue Date: Jul 31, 1996
The first comprehensive status report on tobacco consumption all over the world has been prepared by the World Health Organization. The study revealed that around 1,100 million individuals around the world smoke regularly. While use of tobacco has decreased in developed countries since the early '80s, this decrease has been offset by a comparable increase in less developed countries. It is estimated that if current trends continue, tobacco use will claim 10 million deaths per year, of which around seven million will occur in developing nations.


Issue Date: Apr 30, 1996
Twin problems of war and drought has eaten into the Sri Lankan economy. However, the resilience of the economy to fight back during previous shocks has seen it past most major crises. This time too, analysts hope that the economy will turn around. Says Patrick Amarasinghe, chairpersoR of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and industry, "The country has been very resilient and has a strong private sector. We have had this war going on fur the last so many years inspite of which we have had growth."
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