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Economy vs ecology

Issue Date: Jun 30, 1998
AT a time when developing nations are getting lured into global economy issues, that translate into increased consumerism promoted by the developed world, the 1998 annual state of the earth report by the Worldwatch Institute, usa, comes as a timely warning.

Suffocating budget

Issue Date: Jun 30, 1998

Tree travails

Issue Date: Jun 15, 1998


Issue Date: Jun 15, 1998
The Malaysian government would help its neighbours to fight the haze blanketing part of the Southeast Asian region to ensure non-disruption of the Commonwealth Games. Prime minister Mahathir Mohammed said it is going to be a daunting task for his country. Still, Malaysia is confident of reducing the amount of haze, he said. In the last two months, smoke from wildfires in parts of Malaysia have covered some areas with thick smoke, forcing airports and schools to be closed periodically.

Costly populism

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1998
subsidy is an indirect payment given by governments for various economic and social reasons. A major part of the "cost" of the subsidy is paid by the government. At the same time, granting subsidies more than often lead to overuse of goods and services and environmental degradation.

Return of the smog

Issue Date: Mar 15, 1998
the threat of renewed Indonesian fires looms large over Southeast Asia. Experts have warned that if the fires continue to gain a strong foothold in Indonesia, Kalimantan and Sumatra, then Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand and the Philippines could see a repeat of the smog that blotted out the sun for days last year.


Issue Date: Feb 28, 1998
This tiny Asian nation, still struggling to gain a secure economic foothold, is pressing ahead with its first oil refinery which has already become a centre of controversy. Work on the us $1.2 billion prestige project began recently, despite a fund-shortage and doubts over its viability. The refinery is being constructed in Dung Quat, a sandy area in central Quang Nagi province. When operational, it is expected to churn out an astounding 130,000 barrels a day. Vietnam announced the project with much fanfare two years ago and it has not been easy sailing since.


Issue Date: Feb 15, 1998
Malaysia, the country that hopes to be the home of latest multimedia technology, is currently advising its people to "return to the soil". Threatened by a looming economic crisis, Malaysia plans to lease out land for commercial vegetable farming, paddy cultivation and also revive its 300 abandoned fish ponds. "Green" is suddenly "in" again and the people are being encouraged to farm foods and "eat" their way out of the nation's economic problems.

Caught in a crossfire

Author(s): Andrew Nette
Issue Date: Jan 31, 1998
the World Bank's (wb's) keenness to promote an electricity generation project in Laos has come in for flak by non-governmental organisations. The project, slated to sell power to Thailand, is feared to spell doom for Laos' economy.


Issue Date: Jan 15, 1998
The first private sector thermal power plant was commissioned recently in Colombo with the help of the government which added an additional 22.5 MW of power to Sri Lanka's national grid. Such efforts of the government is expected to reduce the country's over-dependence on hydro-power. Following the last year severe drought, the government has been urging the private sector to set up thermal power plants in the country. According to a Central Bank report, the energy sector in Sri Lanka experienced a major crisis during 1996.
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