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Tendering a sham

Issue Date: Apr 15, 2001
the Delhi Transport Corporation (dtc) has once again showed its hypocrisy regarding the Supreme Court's order to convert the existing bus fleet to compressed natural gas (cng). On the eve of the apex court's March 31, 2001 deadline, it issued a global tender for the purpose, the technical bid for which was to close on March 9, 2001.

Capital punishment

Issue Date: Mar 31, 2001
Life in Delhi seems to be just that. Reeling under pollution, the citizens live under a constant threat to their health. The urban sprawl, a deteriorating environment, haphazard industrial growth, exponenetial increase in the number of vehicles, a flawed transport policy, a nearly absent waste managament policy -- all thanks to bad governance -- has turned to Delhi into the fourth most polluted city in the world. One out of eight children born in Delhi suffer from asthma.

Trouble in the air

Issue Date: Mar 31, 2001
the Nepalese government's decision to ban vehicles older than 20 years has been met with stiff opposition. On February 2, traffic came to a standstill in various parts of Kathmandu after transporters took to the streets. Again on February 9, the National Federation of Transport Entrepreneurs organised a protest rally.

Sinha's trick

Author(s): Anil Agarwal
Issue Date: Mar 31, 2001
If you saw tv programmes or read newspapers on the latest budget, you would have thought it is only for business leaders. The manner in which business editors and columnists went overboard to seek the response of the corporate community to Yashwant Sinha's latest hat-trick of budgetary numbers shows a mind-set that nobody else is important in modern India.

The CNG imperative

Issue Date: Mar 31, 2001
CSE Pollution Load Model CSE estimated the actual impact of moving public vehicles to cng fuel on the air pollution load of Delhi.

but why CNG?

A study says particles emitted by diesel engines can harm the foetus, breaching the safety of the womb. Another study says the risk of developing cancer is four times higher among children travelling in a diesel bus as compared to someone travelling in a car in front of the bus.

Union ministry of surface transport

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2001
The Union ministry of surface transport (most) frames vehicular emission norms and notifies certification procedures for vehicles, as per the Central Motors Vehicles Act (cmva). The emission norms for converted cng buses were notified on February 9, 2000, more than one and half years after the sc order of July 28, 1998. That, too, after a great deal of hesitation.

Union ministry of petroleum and natural gas

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2001
If the Delhi Transport Corporation and the State Transport Authority do not increase the number of their buses, why should we increase capacity for supply? If I order equipment worth several crore rupees without there being adequate number of buses, how would I answer to my superiors?" Thus Rajiv Sharma, managing director of Indraprastha Gas Limited (igl).

Ministry of Environment and Forests

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2001
In complete mockery of its very title, the Union ministry of environment and forests (mef) has shown no interest in pushing for implementation of the cng order despite all the power at its disposal. mef is only too happy with the national emission standards, which are nothing more than the minimum requirement.

Abandoned to fate

Though private bus operators will have to shoulder a bulk of the responsibility of phasing in CNG buses, they were the last to be informed by the Delhi government. The first public notification for them came in October 1999. The first meeting to discuss the logistics with them happened as late as August 2000. Private bus operators chose to ignore repeated messages from the Supreme Court over the last two years and continued to buy diesel buses. Because the state government registering diesel buses, they went ahead with buying new ones.
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