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Water Supply

Wait for water

Author(s): Nidhi Jamwal
Issue Date: Mar 31, 2009
No new connections till 2011 PEOPLE, who have invested money in flats in new building projects in Mumbai, will have to wait. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has decided to give them water connections only after the city starts getting additional supply from Vaitarana River in Thane in 2011. There is worse news for people living in multi-storied buildings. They will get a little over two buckets of water each, a day, from now.

One river dried, Agartala eyes another

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2009
Tripura capital plans to get water from 70 km THE Tripura government plans to transport water to Agartala from the Gumati river, which is 70-km away, through a water conduit. This is to meet the water shortage faced by about 500,000 people in Agartala. But the project has run into controversy.

Malwa is thirsty

Issue Date: Feb 15, 2009

Crisis creation as a municipal exercise

Issue Date: Feb 15, 2009
Indore and Mysore do not want to face the challenge of urban governance USUALLY it is in the summer that water appears in newspaper headlines. Spring is yet to arrive--although the blooming rhododendrons in Uttarakhand

Water for profit

Author(s): Deepa Kozhisseri
Issue Date: Feb 15, 2009
Mysore prepares to receive 24x7 water supply GIRIJAMMA A R lives with her family of five in a middle class locality in Mysore. Last month she paid the municipality Rs 240 for 82,000 litres water consumed over a period of two months. This amount may rise to Rs 350 per month in four years when the 900,000 residents of the city including Girijamma start getting 24x7 water supply.

Thirsty by the river

Author(s): Susmita Sengupta
Issue Date: Dec 15, 2008
Water crisis in Jamshedpur's suburb MANGO, a fast-growing suburb of Jamshedpur, is facing an acute water crisis despite being near the river Subarnarekha and Dimna lake. Following public protests, the Jharkhand Public Health and Engineering Department re-sent a proposal for a drinking water project to the state urban department in the end of October.

Dam near reserve

Author(s): Nidhi Jamwal
Issue Date: Nov 15, 2008
CEC sends notice to Karnataka A SUPREME Court-appointed committee has asked the Karnataka government to clarify whether the Kalsa-Bhandura irrigation project was violating forest and wildlife laws. The Central Empowered Commit tee, appointed to monitor forest related cases, recently issued a notice to the Karnataka government, following a petition filed by a Belgaum-based ngo.

User-friendly water test kit

Issue Date: Oct 31, 2008
A team of international experts is working on a project to develop a low-cost, easy-to-use device for testing water quality. tom kendall talks to stephen gundry of the University of Bristol, the uk, who leads the initiative, Aquatest Project. What's the Aquatest project?

Message in bottle

Issue Date: Oct 15, 2008
California bottlers have to declare water source the California Senate has passed a bill making it mandatory for companies bottling, vending or distributing water to declare their source of water, the location of the source and whether that source is privately or publicly owned. The bill, passed on August 22, aims to protect the public's right to know how its water is being allocated.

Ask no questions, just pay the water bill

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2008
Consumers have no say in the bad plans made in their name
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