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Fuel Pricing

Sugar mills turn U

Author(s): Nidhi Jamwal
Issue Date: Feb 15, 2009
Demand market rate for power after agreeing to a lower rate

Slow train coming

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2008
The real picture of the economy says, be grounded THE aviation industry in India has been hit directly by the rising fuel price and a slump economy. The Times of India reported there were 18.5 per cent fewer flyers this September compared to last September. It is obvious that all the private airlines that mushroomed over the past few years are in the worst kind of turbulence. Middle class Indians, who were forced to become high flyers, have now started queuing up for slower trains.

South Asia

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2008
Pakistan reports more polio cases: Pakistan reported four polio cases just two days after the much-publicized anti-polio campaign concluded on October 16. Three polio victims are from Punjab and one from the North West Frontier Province. These cases take the number of children incapacitated by the disease this year to 81. Five cases of polio surfaced in the capital city Islamabad, seven in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, 15 in the southern province of Sindh, 22 in Punjab and 32 in nwfp.

Bail us out: consume

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2008
Earlier this year, I called the Union budget myopic (see Down To Earth, March 31, 2008). Let me reiterate why. The Union budget did not take into account the fact the world was beginning to face new challenges, all of which were devastating, and related. One, the rising cost of our food--you will recall subsequently prices did go up and food riots took place in many parts of the world.


Issue Date: Sep 15, 2008
land compensation Tikait arrested

In the net

Issue Date: Sep 15, 2008
Fuel economy: turf war or guerrilla ambush

Correcting distortions

Issue Date: Sep 15, 2008
A committee recommends rationalization of diesel and petrol prices The long awaited pricing formula for petroleum products to bail out the oil industry from impending bankruptcy has been tabled. If put into effect this prescription can correct distorted prices of automotive fuels of petrol and diesel and halt misuse of under-taxed and under-priced diesel by the car sector.

South Asia

Issue Date: Aug 15, 2008
Petrol price hiked again: Pakistan's government has raised petrol and diesel prices by 14 per cent--the highest ever increase. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority increased the kerosene price from Rs (Pak) 49.73 a litre to Rs (Pak) 57.93; that of light diesel oil from Rs (Pak) 49.05 to Rs (Pak) 58.54; and of petrol by Rs (Pak) 10.97 a litre to Rs (Pak) 86.66. This is the sixth increase in petroleum prices since the new government assumed office in the end of February. The price of petrol then was Rs (Pak) 58.70.

Desperate measures

Issue Date: Jul 31, 2008
Coping strategies: countries adjust to all-time-high oil prices Bangladesh increased fuel prices for the first time since April 2007. The government maintained subsidies on diesel and kerosene, used predominantly by the poor. Texan motorists, in search of cheap gas, crossed the border into Mexico, which subsidizes its fuel.

Oil fetish

Issue Date: Jul 15, 2008
addiction only leads to more demand. A classical case is the record rise in the crude oil prices in the last one year. At us $140, it even pinches the pockets of developed countries like the us. The bad news does not end here. As know-alls believe, oil may also pole-vault to touch greater heights. Perhaps even an unthinkable us $200 a barrel. In these hard times, considering, food prices are almost an equal competitor in this inflationary race,
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