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Renewable Energy

Mission eclipsed

Author(s): Ruhi Kandhari
Issue Date: Mar 15, 2011
It is no mean task to find a moneylender for a financially risky project. More so, if it is a high-investment, low-return project under the ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

US targets China’s wind subsidy

Issue Date: Jan 31, 2011
AFTER scuttling talks on transfer of technology in the recently concluded climate change conference in Cancun, the US now wants China to stop its clean energy programme. The US, on December 22, filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) that China is unfairly helping its domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry with soft loans, cheap land and subsidies, thereby giving it a competitive edge. This is despite the fact that the US has its own green energy development programmes which run into billion of dollars.

Here comes the sun

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2010
A short time ago, a friend requested help in sorting out the fundamentals of setting up a solar photovoltaic, or PV system, for his household energy needs. My first reaction was: “Too expensive, long payback period.” But my friend was insistent, and after a while the idea started appealing to me too. After all, solar energy is in the news almost every day. I started off with some basic research on where solar energy stands in India today.

Reaching for the sun

Author(s): Aditya Batra
Issue Date: Dec 31, 2010
Two bone-rattling kilometres on a brick-cobbled road, beyond the market and the grid, past the flooded paddy fields lit intermittently by fireflies in the twilight is where the three Chowdhury brothers live, their homes awash in the white radiance of CFL bulbs. This is solar country, on the island of Mehindiganj in south Bangladesh.

The endgame at Cancun

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2010
As I write this, some 24 hours are left to finalise the agreement at the 16th Conference of Parties to the climate change convention being held in Cancun.

Dangerous liaisons

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2010
Sri Lanka is becoming a power hungry nation. Several coal power plants with a total generation capacity of 3,200 MW are on the anvil. The country’s new energy minister, Champika Ranawaka, wants a nuclear power plant by 2025. That’s a sure sign of change: Ranawaka started his career as an activist against coal power. He was the environment minister in the last government.


Issue Date: Nov 15, 2010
Zero-calorie sweetener needs stirring  

Save power the smart way

Author(s): Ruhi Kandhari
Issue Date: Oct 15, 2010
Till September 6, Gujarat’s Secretariat campus in Gandhinagar boasted the largest installation of solar panels in India. Now it has another distinction— the campus has become home to the country’s first smart grid. A smart grid transmits and distributes electricity using information and communication technology. It helps control electricity use by making consumption patterns more visible.

Plants light the way

Author(s): Salonie Chawla
Issue Date: Oct 15, 2010
SOLAR cells get damaged and lose efficiency from constant exposure to sunlight. Then how is it that plants show little wear and tear though they too capture the Sun’s energy during photosynthesis? The secret lies in the ability of light-capturing molecules in plants to break down and reassemble all the time.

News 360° - Briefs

Issue Date: Oct 15, 2010
FOOD DEMAND ARGENTINA BEEFS UP SEMEN Argentinean ranchers are selling the semen of their bulls instead of sending them to the slaughterhouse.
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