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On a wing and a prayer

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2013
In 1993, when South African photojournalist Kevin Carter clicked a vulture stalking a dying child in Sudan many expressed outrage. After all in most parts of the world, vultures are reviled. Carter was censured for having done nothing to help the dying child. In spite of the outrage, the photographer went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for the picture in 1994.

What killed the chirp?

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2013

The inviolate plot

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2013

News Snippets

Issue Date: Jan 31, 2013
>> The new BBC wildlife series Africa will make it clear when animals have been filmed under controlled conditions. The move comes a year after an episode of Frozen Planet, featuring a polar bear with her cubs, was criticised. Some shots in the programme were filmed in a Dutch zoo, but viewers assumed that the footage came from the Arctic. The producers of Africa said they felt it “appropriate to be more explicit” about the origins of such sequences.

Smoking nests

Author(s): Diya Das
Issue Date: Jan 31, 2013
HOW urbanisation is eating into pristine wildlife habitats and leading to decline in animal populations across the globe has left ecologists worried. Despite this, it seems nature is one step ahead of us in some ways. Scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico have discovered what may be a surprising twist of adaptation.

Call of the phantom

Issue Date: Jan 15, 2013

Identity crisis

Author(s): Dinsa Sachan
Issue Date: Dec 15, 2012
IT HAS been 165 years since a unique population of wolves living in the Indian side of the trans-Himayalan region was first described but its classification still remains contentious. It was assumed to be a population of the Tibetan wolf (Canis lupus chanco)—a subspecies of gray wolf. But genetic studies indicate that it is actually a different species; some biologists call it the Himalayan wolf.

Science and Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2012

The phoenix act

Author(s): Dinsa Sachan
Issue Date: Dec 15, 2012

From the blurbs

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2012
WILDLIFE OF THE HIMALAYAS AND THE TERAI REGION edited by Ashok S Kothari and Boman F Chhapgar, OUP, Rs 120 This is the fourth in the Bombay Natural History Society’s series that aims to make accessible old writings, drawings and paintings of India's flora and fauna. The text draws from the works of Stanley Henry Prater, known for his classic The Book of Indian Animals, and naturalist R A Sterndale whose work is said to be the source of inspiration for many scenes in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.
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