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The lake colony

Issue Date: Sep 15, 1999
If you have been won over by these lines in the tourism brochure, Srinagar should top your list of places to visit. If you are in Srinagar, you will hire a shikara (boat) to take in the beauty of the lake and the majestic mountains surrounding it. The road on your right, called the Boulevard -- Srinagar's most exciting address -- supplies you with booming bhangra-rock from Marutis and sirens from ugly-looking Maruti Gypsy-turned-armoured cars. There are rows of houseboats on your left.

Eyeing the coastlines

Issue Date: Oct 15, 1999
The Indian coasts are to be opened to accommodate construction activities. There is a debate brewing in the nation today whether this move will benefit the coastal communities or simply fill the coffers of certain powerful lobbies. There is also a feeling that it will thrust the fragile marine ecosystem to the limits of its endurance.

Setback for jumbo corridor

Author(s): Sumana Narayanan
Issue Date: Aug 31, 2011
THE Supreme Court has temporarily stayed an order of the Madras High Court, asking resort owners near Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu to vacate the land. In April, the high court had given resort owners three months to hand over the land with them to the state to pave the way for an elephant corridor in the Nilgiri mountains. The corridor would connect Mudumalai to the Sathyamangalam forests in the east of the Segur plateau.

SC stays order evicting resorts near Mudumalai sanctuary

Author(s): Sumana Narayanan
Issue Date: Jul 27, 2011
The Supreme Court has stayed an order of the Madras High Court evicting all the resorts near Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris Mountains for two months. The high court, in its April 2011 order, had given resort owners three months to vacate the area. The court had also said that the resort owners were not eligible for compensation.

Murdering the Mekong river

Author(s): Beaumont Smith
Issue Date: May 23, 2011
The Mekong river is the stuff of legends. British travel writer H Warrington Smyth in 1895 wrote: “The first view of the Mekong fairly took one’s breath away.” He might be more breathless to hear of the multiple dams planned for this great river.


Issue Date: Feb 28, 2011

Koyna sanctuary plundered

Issue Date: Jan 31, 2011
Electricity wires hang dangerously over a bituminous road. Unending rows of gigantic windmills look down from where, perhaps, a tiger should have kept an eye on its territory. Instead of birds, turbines create a humming noise. Trees are hardly in sight and one has to be lucky to spot wildlife. The Vankusawade plateau in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra hardly looks like part of a wildlife sanctuary.

Endangered in Sariska

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2010
THE DEATH of a tiger last month, two and a half years after it was brought to Sariska, proves the National Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan is not safe for the big cat. The death also brought to light little action has been taken on the recommendations of the Tiger Task Force, set up in 2005 to look at tiger conservation in the country. That was the year when Sariska lost all its tigers.

News 360° - Briefs

Issue Date: Jul 31, 2010
MINING TAX Oz magnates choose the pm

Phoney dance

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2010
A New Zealand tour operator is in trouble. Instead of employing Maori, the tour company Discovery Heritage Group based in the northern New Zealand city of Tauranga, paid backpackers visiting from France and Israel to dress up in feathered robes, draw tattoos in pen on their faces and go aboard cruise ships when they pulled into the port city of Tauranga.
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