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Rural Development

Poplars spark farmers' fury against Wimco

Author(s): Shailendra Kumar
Issue Date: Aug 15, 1993
THE POPLAR trees that the Bareilly-based match manufacturer, Wimco, persuaded area farmers to plant is causing much heartburn. The farmers allege that Wimco, sensing a wood crisis in the 1970s because of felling restrictions in India and Nepal, tried to get land from the Uttar Pradesh forest department to raise its own wood trees. When this failed, the company allegedly lured the farmers into planting poplar trees, promising handsome returns.

Will women in panchayats change Bengal?

Author(s): Amit Mitra
Issue Date: Jul 15, 1993
MAY 30, 1993, was a historic day in West Bengal. For the first time, voting was held for a panchayat system that endowed villagers with the right to set their own priorities for development. And more remarkable, one-third of the panchayat seats were reserved for women. But the more things change, the more they are the same.

A tale of two villages beguiled by JRY

Issue Date: May 31, 1993
SONRAJ IN THE Uttar Pradesh village of Sonrai, water-starved residents eke out a living growing a single, rainfed crop of jowar or kodo (millet) on 500 sandy ha and by mining granite, phosphate or lead the rest of the time.

Villegers blueprint their own development

Author(s): Amit Mitra
Issue Date: May 15, 1993
WHEN VISITING a village in Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri or Karnataka's Mysore districts, you may come across a group of about 25 adults busily laying out an intricate design on the ground, using powdered rice, coloured chalk, twigs and pebbles.

Indian science must stop merely aping West

Issue Date: May 15, 1993
What has gone wrong with Indian science? Does it lack a personality of its own or does it lack confidence in its personality? You ask what is wrong with Indian science. May I ask what is wrong with Indian society, our management, our priorities and what have you? Why just science?

Gandhian scheme provides rural health care

Author(s): P S Sandhu
Issue Date: Apr 15, 1993
A RURAL health programme operating arolmd Sevagram in Maharashtra has given new expression to Mahatma Gandhi's dream of rural development. The scheme, based on self-help and risk-sharing through insurance, is proof that quality health care can be provided in rural areas at an affordable cost. The moving force behind the proJect, which covers 23 villages with a combined population of about

Not much for greenery

There is mixed official opinion on the budgetary allocation for environment, which shows an increase of Rs 40 crore over the previous year's amount of Rs 329.81 crore. But, says Vinay Shankar, additional secretary, MEF, "The real increase this year is by about Rs 66 crore. We should take into account the Rs 26 crore the MEF transferred to the ministry of rural development last year." Nonetheless, the finance minister has not been very generous to the MEF.

Poverty alleviation: investment or mere sop?

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1993
The provisions in agriculture are equally growth-oriented, says JNU vice chancellor Y K Alagh, who is an agricultural economist. "The most dangerous thing in the rural sector was the drying up of credit flow. This budget has reversed that," he says.

National parks are luxury in Third World

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1993
You have questioned the appropriateness of the system of national parks in developing countries. What are your objections?

A Gandhian economist ahead of his time

Author(s): P S Sandhu
Issue Date: Mar 31, 1993
MAHATMA Gandhi's Sevagram ashram in Maharashtra was the appropriate site for a recent conference marking the birth centenary of J C Kumarappaan economist who became one of Gandhiji's closest associates and the most ardent advocate of his ideas on rural development. Through prolific writing in books and magazines over a period of 20 yearsstarting in 1929Kumarappa outlined an economic doctrine that is remarkable for its far-sighted emphasis on conserving the environment.
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