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Paying nature's bill

Author(s): Anil Agarwal
Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
IN THE last 100 years of industrialisationindustrial firms have sought to increase their efficiency and profitability through increases in labour productivity. One fallout of this was the replacement of human labour with machines thatin turnhas resulted in heavy natural costs as industries became increasingly energy- and material-intensive. All this has happened partially because materials and energy have been cheap.

Carpet industry in UP faces boycott threat

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
THE INSISTENCE of foreign importers on not buying Indian carpets woven by children has begun to tell at every level in a Rs 750-crore industry in which weavers, exporters and the government have vital stakes.

How images can break or make corporations

Author(s): Nitya Jacob 
Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
HOW IMPORTANT is a chief executive's personality in the way a corporation works? Very, says Matthew Lynn in this book. In a game with billions at stake, it is a rare breed of people who have the vision and the nerve to stay the course and win. Roy Vagelos of the US-based Merck and Paul Girolami of UK's Glaxo were two chief executives who shaped the activities of their corporations in the 1970s and 1980s.

New aspects to reporting Third World women

Author(s): Gail Omvedt
Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
THE WOMEN'S Feature Service (WFS) is a news service that deals not just with equal rights for women, but with "development from a progressive, women's, or gender, perspective." It has transcended the Leftist tendency to see women as a force to be incorporated and led and instead stressed women's innovation, creativity and ability as self-employed producers to move out of economic and social crises.

Bridging the gaps in R & D policy

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
The 80th session of the Indian Science Congress ended in the first week of January in Goa without adding to anyone's knowledge or wisdom. The importance of the theme of the conference -- Science and the Quality of Life -- did not get the attention it deserves in a country that has made large investments in science, but still has the world's largest population of illiterates and poverty-stricken. Now, with the deterioration of the environment, even the rich in India are beginning to suffer the side-effects of development just as much as they suffer from medicine-induced diseases.

New ventures offered computerised overview

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
IF YOU are planning to set up a new industrial project, you can get a quick overview of its technological and business potential in your office itself. The computerised information service that will make this possible was on display at the recent Indian Engineering Trade Fair in New Delhi.

Will imposition of green taxes be viable?

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993

USA, Japan trade research roles

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
PRESIDENT Bill Clinton wants American research to adopt the Japanese stress on industrial applications. But his call may have come too late as Japanese scientists are switching their thrust to basic research, in which the Americans have hitherto been pre-eminent.

Super panel proposed to promote research

Author(s): Manoj Gairola
Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
SETTING up of an Indian Research and Development Authority (IRDA) and reviving the cabinet committee on science and technology are among the steps expected to be taken soon to boost science research, Union minister of state for science and technology P R Kumaramangalam has told Down To Earth. The minister said the government wants to ensure the nation's scientific and technological progress keeps pace with the requirements and advances in other fields.

Foundries shun cleaner technology

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1993
"WE CAN cut coke consumption in foundries by as much as a quarter by using a new technology, but nobody comes to us," says Rama Rao, Director of the Process and Product Development Centre (PPDC) in Agra. He adds, "It will also reduce pollution as the quantity of coke used will then go down." This will be a big boon for the Taj Mahal, which is threatened by pollution from foundries in Agra that mainly make simple castings such as weights.
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