Voluntary commitments can protect the ocean

Since the time taken to negotiate environmental commitments is not always worth the outcome, the UN Ocean Conference is doing away with this time lag

Saving oceans: shipping industry to go green

All businesses affect the oceans. Some like marine tourism have a direct effect on the health of oceans

It is time we protect our oceans

Oceans also drive the climate, and most importantly, they act as a buffer against climate change

Oceans are fast losing oxygen, putting marine habitat at greater risk

Decreasing oxygen level increases stress on marine life even as it faces the impact of rising temperatures and ocean acidification

'Human impacts on sea are no longer minor'

The report has compiled environmental impacts of all human activities on oceans and warned that a failure to act quickly would pose the greatest threat to oceans

Global warming halted 1,800 years of ocean cooling process

Volcanic eruptions had resulted in long-term cooling till the 19th century, say experts


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Food Stress

The global food system still benefits the rich at the expense of the poor

Global food system issues can be traced to colonial history. It's time food production became more sustainable so that it meets the needs of people - equally


Why the recent surge in earthquakes?

The recent surge in earthquakes and the explanation for the formation of the world's largest exposed fault have provided momentum to seismological research. Shreeshan Venkatesh looks at the latest findings