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Geopolitics of oil, circa 2025

Last Updated: Sunday 07 June 2015

-- a dark cloud is fast approaching the night sky of Chhattisgarh. The emergency briefing on the other side of the globe by the director of Convoluted Intelligence Agency (cia) just got over. President Push paced up and down in his Elliptical Room, this crisis is a bit confusing. Outside the Grey House, another contingent arrived, surrounded by men in black. Secretary of State Ms Price suggested the president talk to Pony Flair, a friend in need.... "Get me Pony," president mumbled. The backroom boys were playing monopoly. They suddenly broke into laughter. President got annoyed. But in backroom monopoly, for the first time, plant genetics guys scored over oil guys.

"Pony, we got the wmd ...errr...no...it's a different one...no...trust me...this one is real."

Back in Arjunnagar in Chhattisgarh, in the dark of the night, Jethro Sahoo is holding out with two hundred-odd brothers and sisters, with no knowledge of what was going on in the Elliptical Room. It is the sixth day of the highway barricade stopping movement of all trucks carrying jatropha seeds -- trucks on Chhattisgarh highways these days carry only jatropha seeds. The All Chhattisgarh Jatropha Growers Association has called for removal of all foreign oil companies from their land. Jethro Sahoo, convenor of Oil Swaraj Movement, has already been interviewed widely in Western media, with Terrorism News Network (tnn) virtually calling him a terrorist. This crucial coverage caught the imagination of Ms Price, who has been looking for an excuse to move in. She had found the next brewing ground of terrorism. The road blockade was absolutely unpardonable. Last night, all oil corporate bosses met her with a request to do something.

Do something? There is so much to do. Hexagon has been alerted, in anticipation of a positive reaction by the president. Hexagon, in turn, has alerted all installation in Indian Ocean. In the meantime, Ms Price worked out with the backroom boys on the Wealth of Massive Diesel (wmd) angle.

Media fixers in the Grey House quickly meet and warn president against any hasty action. After all, Oil Swaraj was a peoples' movement. "Can't we link them with any terrorist group?" Push insisted. The request was transmitted to the policy group on South Asia. There is one possibility, they worked out. They need to link Oil Swaraj with the local terrorist group, Peoples' Wealth Group (pwg). That was it -- the stealth bombers took off. Jethro Sahoo was sleeping in front of the barricade.

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