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Ed Miliband makes a potentially transformative pitch for CoP 26 Glasgow presidency

He must clarify position on carbon markets, genuinely work in partnership with world

Smoking gun letter reveals British CoP president’s 7-point climate action plan

Claire Perry O’Neill’s successor, Britain’s fine civil servants and its …

Prince Charles pushed markets over State at Davos

Entirely at odds with his long advocacy of coercive state action on environmental issues

DTE analysis leads to sacking of British CoP president

The new appointee must work with the world to ensure UNFCCC CoP 26 at Glasgow is remembered …

Economic Survey 2019-20: Need was to get serious about climate crisis

Listing ‘green’ programs is not the point

New CoP president’s first foreign engagement disappoints

In addition to being regressive on equity, ambition and markets, Claire O'Neill also …

Of pests and climate change

The locust attack in western India is not just another local phenomoenon. …

Climate crisis: We are not individuals fighting a faceless system — we are the system that needs to change

Our interconnectedness also means that positive behaviours can cascade to influence many others

Davos 2020: Will sweeping protests across the globe lead to a new form of capitalism

‘Stakeholder capitalism’ may become a buzzword, but will it be a concept that …

Extinction Rebellion needs to build solidarity and work on its race problem

But it shouldn't be on a government watch list

Europe’s biomass problem

Wood-fired power will actually increase emissions over timescales relevant to the Paris …

Prioritise and invest on water security and clean drinking water

In order to adapt well and build resilience, it is important to strengthen water resources …

Look back at the decade: It’s a tinderbox world

Growth has stumped environment. The decade of 2020 is the last chance we have to walk the …

Climate emergency CoP 25: Circumventing climate action

What should be done, now that the longest CoP is over

US tastes cream paste

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Circumventing climate action

For countries like India to have cleaner futures, climate agreements must walk the talk; …

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Equity should be a practical necessity, not a moral nicety

Richest 10 per cent population produces half of Earth’s fossil-fuel emissions

Climate Emergency CoP 25: A gap that keeps growing

The Emissions Gap Report for this year makes it clear that countries around the world are …

How climate change affects health in the US (and elsewhere)

For health, climate change is a catchall detrimental factor, increasing hazards across the board

Environmental challenges: Desperate crises but also opportunity for inclusion

The Centre for Science and Environment has been awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, …

New Zealand’s new climate change law: Inadequate and not really net zero

Jacinda Arden's law explicitly excludes biogenic methane emissions from net zero target,…

The Green Climate Fund must be a champion for real sustainability

Its niche has to be true sustainability — the ability to generate climate-…