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Energy scramble for Africa: Fossil fuel extraction is rising but there’s little progress in renewables

The continent’s share accounted for only 2% of global RE investment in last 2 decades,…

Changing narratives

It is time we discussed the science behind the phase out of fossil fuels; by when and which fuel

Arctic Report Card 2023: Wildfires to melting sea ice, warmest summer on record had cascading impacts across Arctic

Time spent at fish camps is critical for many Alaska Indigenous cultures & kids are …

The disagreement between two climate scientists that will decide our future

The differences between Mann and Hansen are significant for the global response to climate …

Climate change: If warming approaches 2°C, a trickle of extinctions will become a flood

If all national plans to cut emissions are fulfilled, world would still be on track for 2.5-…

Lessons from cyclone Michaung: Take better care of natural resources in coastal states

Natural disasters are becoming more common as the average temperature of the land and sea rises

There’s rising need for global co-operation to decarbonise industries

The initiatives at COP28 send out a clear message for the need of international cooperation …

COP28 side-event on carbon capture technologies in cement sector highlights key barriers and successes

Electricity demand, CO2 leakage risks to drinking water and high costs among key issues  

COP28: Leaders in attendance must channel their inner Hatim Tai on Global Goal for Adaptation

World leaders need to agree with climate finance for adaptation not as a burden, but a …

COP28: A parent appeals for the future of her children

Leaders at COP28 must listen and act for a healthy future for all our children

Climate pledges lacking: 87% of remaining global carbon budget to limit warming may be depleted by 2030, finds UN

Emissions will only be 2% lower in 2030 than 2019 levels if fully implemented

Dangerous distractions: World needs to rise above conflicts, both armed & unarmed, to fight against climate change

The unarmed war — between the so-called West and so-called East (US vs China) — …

Growing African vegetables on buildings can save space and feed cities — new study

When households grow edible crops in living walls, it reduces the environmental impact of food

El Nino may be drying out the southern hemisphere — here’s how that affects the whole planet

In a climate changing world, the global distribution of 1% water that is fresh takes …

Paris Agreement at 8: Progress, challenges and road to COP28

Innovation, renewable energy, and sustainable practises can help COP28 create a resilient, …

Extreme weather is outpacing even the worst-case scenarios of our forecasting models

Hurricane Otis gave Acapulco, Mexico almost no time to prepare

Climate adaptation projects sometimes exacerbate the problems they try to solve — a new tool hopes to correct that

To be just, climate adaptation requires a counter-intuitive approach

IEA World Energy Outlook 2023: Fossil fuel demand to peak by 2030, urgent investment shift needed

Report calls for a balancing act, recommends maintaining fossil fuels backing

The disproportionate impact of climate change on women: A closer look ahead of COP28  

The forthcoming COP28 summit presents a unique opportunity to address the gender …

Rural women are championing climate resilience in India

Chronicles from rural India provide a blueprint for a resilient future

What to wear for a climate crisis

Fashion industry contributes up to 10% of global emissions — more than international …

Climate crisis is already affecting the Brazilian Amazon

The population of pink dolphins in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, …