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How small family farms are adapting to climate change in Brazil

Agroecology offers a production strategy that enables small farmers in northeastern Brazil&…

Mocha and the ever-growing fiasco we are pushing ourselves into

Will the Anthropocene be the shortest era in history?

Climate change first ‘went viral’ exactly 70 years ago

Throughout the 50s and 60s US, Swedish, German and Soviet scientists were examining the issue

Odisha’s model colony for climate refugees in Kendrapara should be emulated across India

More than 45 million people in the country will be forced to migrate due to …

Excessive personal consumption has serious global consequences

Those who accumulate the most wealth are also the main emitters of greenhouse gases

Record low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign the ocean’s role as climate regulator is changing

Changing climate is a life-changing reality for a growing number of people

Humanity’s tipping point? How the Queen’s death stole a climate warning’s thunder

A study published in Science heralded changes that could threaten the future of civil …

COP28 head calls for ramping up renewables, carbon capture and climate finance

Comments indicate a focus on abatement technologies at Dubai summit over fossil phase-out

Deadly heatwaves threaten to reverse India’s progress on poverty and inequality — new research

India has suffered over 24,000 heatwave-related deaths since 1992

Why so few people are worried about Thwaites

The worry about Thwaites is not just the estimated rise in sea-level but an unknown and …

Arctic sea ice loss and fierce storms leave Kivalina’s volunteer search and rescue fighting to protect their island from climate disasters

Indigenous governments, nonprofits, hunters and first responders from Iñupiaq, Yupik …

‘Statistically impossible’ heat extremes are here — we identified the regions most at risk

At-risk regions include Afghanistan, several countries in Central America and far-eastern Russia

Decoding carbon markets: Role of intermediaries in the web of transactions

Rising interest in carbon markets has increased the number of intermediaries and …

Climate change increases the risk of extreme wildfires around Cape Town — but it can be addressed

Extreme wildfire events occur almost exclusively under extreme fire weather conditions

El Niño is coming, and ocean temps are already at record highs — that can spell disaster for fish and corals

 El Niño tends to trigger intense and widespread periods of extreme ocean …

Poorer countries must be compensated for climate damage. But how exactly do we crunch the numbers?

Most nations signed up to an agreement to establish a so-called loss and damage fund last year

Voluntary carbon market governance body proposes regulations to stamp out greenwashing

Exaggerated claims of offset, opaque market practices, conflict of interest and the …

Beyond a green thumb: Green India Mission needs a fresh agenda to meet Nationally Determined Contribution targets

At present, GIM communication is limited to the number of saplings and survival rates, …

Countries agreed to ban ozone-depleting chemicals in 1980s — but 5 CFCs are increasing to record levels in atmosphere

The 1987 Montreal protocol restricted the release of chlorofluorocarbons to the atmosphere

India has registered a global first of a plant fungus infecting humans; climate change, AMR will exacerbate it

Fungi can now evade the process by which the body defends itself; global warming, which …

Food prices are expected to rise more, and cost may be too heavy to bear for many

Climate crisis may undo last century’s achievement in curbing extreme hunger

Climate doomism is bad storytelling — hope is much more effective at triggering action

 Looking at individual solutions can seem trivial, but it is a great way to tap into …