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Warning from Leh

Leh cloudburst is unusual, say scientists. Such extreme events are rising. What’s wrong?

Monopoly on Mahanadi

Water on a deficit budget

It’s my land, not yours

How it is acquired

Big numbers

The state is on a spree

Creating indomitable superbugs

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat

No to natural sweetener

Nature’s zero-calorie sweetener—stevia—kept out of Indian market

Great depression of lac

Biggest producer Jharkhand worst hit—and clueless

How pure are their claims?

Market for water purifiers booms, but consumers cannot be sure of quality in absence of …

Non-existent check post

National Green Tribunal fails to start, project clearances continue

How US built consensus to get a deal it wanted

US machinations made everybody fall in line

Poor man’s burden

Developing countries shoulder the clean-up responsibility, yet it is not enough

Low on carbon crunching

Fresh scheme sets efficiency targets for energy-guzzling sectors but is still too soft

Mission eclipsed

National solar mission may get derailed as banks hesitate to give loans for its high-risk …

Blank on target

Most states fail to achieve renewable energy target under the climate change action plan

Too costly to grow

High input cost and erratic weather take toll

“The climate crisis is here and now”

Increasing risk of extreme weather has made it easier to have conversations on environment …

Wind break ends

Centre wants to withdraw sops for wind energy sector; offers an incentive to improve performance

Energy fixing

Bureau of Energy Efficiency says it is likely to meet Plan target. Experts say claims far …

Stark facts: Forest destruction

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we …

Heat is on

Passive neighbour

India remains indifferent as China builds dams on upper reaches of Brahmaputra  

Anxiety helps hasten ozone safety deadlines

Despite Third World pleas for generous grace periods, Montreal Protocol nations have moved …