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In Obninsk there was a mausoleum

Nuclear power wants to pose as peace, sustainability. But to the world, it has always meant …

One step forward, two steps back

New rules dilute the biodiversity act

Lakhs out of lac

A village in Madhya Pradesh prospers by reverting to its traditional means of livelihood

Eminently renewable

No economic reason for environment-friendly technologies, such as wind power, to be expensive

Remarkably clean

Port cities set up by Dutch colonists had ingenuous drainage systems

RED ALERT in nuclear India

India's pampered nuclear power programme is losing steam. Uranium stocks are almost over; …

Into the void

Two steps faltering, plan takes third step

Let them adapt

Customary institutions can lead if so empowered

Sea change

Photographs confirm Patagonian glaciers are melting into oblivion

Progress INC

A town began to grow, then groan

Hello corporates, bye democracy

In the last decade or so, India has had an economic reforms regime, whose key mantras are …

Road to perdition for the Jarawas

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal are home to six tribal groups: the …

Dhamaal Growth

NIDHI JAMWAL wonders what happened after Gurgaon got colonyfied

A partial success

Private sector-community collaborations need more inputs

US of Arrogance

An obstruction called EU

Climate change affects world's lakes

By 2080, the world's lakes will experience a temperature change of up to 6.7c caused by …

High altitude, high pressure

Ladakh's leadership is alive to many problems. But, challenges are not easy

Venice is sinking

Scientists at last find concrete proof - an eighteenth-century painting

A photographer's exposure to reality

At the end of each photo-journalistic journey I make, it finally comes down to this -- …

Corporate takeover of the US

The Bush administration's agenda aims to savage the United Nations, destroy the foundations …