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The Year 2000 bug

More than a cuppa

Joint forest management makes Darjeeling's Makaibari estate an environmental treasure

Melting into thin air

The 25-km long Gangotri glacier, fountainhead of the Ganga, is receding at an average 18 …

Spawning grounds

Environmental changes have led to the emergence of kala-azar in new areas

Trouble in Tripura

Restrictions on jhum cultivation, large-scale immigration and timber smuggling have made …

Global Heat

Climatologists say recent heat waves in India are early signs of global warming due to …

Bonn and beyond

The climate change meeting at Bonn tentatively agreed to postpone resolution of issues

Engineered chaos

The Kosi river -- 'Bihar's sorrow' -- floods every year. But embankments built to control …

Return of the woods

Two decades of toil have given back to Seed village in Udaipur a forest that villagers felt …


Park in trouble

Proposal for an oil exploration site inside the Kirthar National Park outrages …

Communities to the rescue

Malaria is no longer an unmanageable disease in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, thanks to …

Twice Unlucky

In 1962, it was the Indo-Chinese war. Now it is the creation of the Nanda Devi Biosphere …

A Heap Of A Problem

The problem of solid waste management is not just limited to the cities

Managing Wastes

The solution lies in making waste management a community exercise

The beacon

Several social groups are trying to restore the link between Hinduism and the environment

Micro is big. Talk nano

Researchers studying the health effects of tiny particles from vehicular emissions are …

Industry at any cost

Industrial estates of Gujarat are cesspools of filth and environmental health hazards. Yet …

Fighting it out

Groups of tribal women in Orissa are fighting against authorities to improve their lot …