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Turncoat 'thieves'

Former teak smugglers become official forest guards

Oil that glitters

Petroleum fuels the engines of the global economy. So there is never enough of it. Oil …

Energised by oil

Energy policy has always been of vital importance in the US. That's why oil and gas …

The Caspian affair

The landlocked Caspian Sea is a cauldron of geopolitics. Its essential ingredients: oil and …

High and dry

India's energy supplies depend entirely on the vagaries of the market

Beyond oil

Energy security will not come with more drilling. The faster we realise this, the better

Consigned to flames

Central and state authorities fiddle while underground coalfields burn in Jharia in the …

The pollution commons

Faith in spate

Sabarimala bursting at the seams with devotees but environmental concerns ignored

Reclaiming Simple Clod

A watershed plan

Recurrent droughts and floods coupled with mass poverty, chronic unemployment and pervasive …

Renewable spirit and purer energy

An extension of the 'pursuit of inner purity' to purer forms of energy

Saving Buddha's tree

Located on the banks of river Niranjana in Bodhgaya, south Bihar, the holy mahabodhi tree …

Archaeology helps to unlearn too

Archaeology is the science that studies the remains of past cultures by investigating and …

The truth behind the Muthanga incident

The People's Judicial Enquiry Commission probe into the Muthanga incident in Kerala sheds …

Land is not less

Thanks to state apathy, tribals of Kerala are landless

What happened to the Mayas?

With its awe-inspiring architecture and remarkable concepts of astronomy, the Maya was …

Managing railway waste

The Indian Railways is the second largest railway network in Asia. It is the biggest public …

WATER: Fading glories

Kashmir's dying lakes are choking their dependants

Managing water locally - a good model

In the Water and Sanitation Project implemented by the Tamil Nadu government with …

The way out of energy and climate change dilemmas

Providing energy to the poor does not make good business. Take electricity. Connecting the …

Flaying the environment

Tanneries: ill-managed, technologically challenged