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Monopoly on Mahanadi

Water on a deficit budget

It’s my land, not yours

How it is acquired

Big numbers

The state is on a spree

Mine owners, loosen purse strings

New mining bill proposes sharing 26 per cent profits with affected people

India's nuclear chimera

Going by the Kudankulan example, India’s nuclear power generation target is a pie in …

Voice cracked

A radio-mechanic-turned-entrepreneur who made it to NCERT textbooksÔÇöand penury

In ocean’s way

People watch helplessly as the sea nibbles the Konkan coast, swallowing groves and beaches, …

Title of Ocassional Rim

Crowd at the gate

Everyone wants a piece of the pie in the sky  

Price puzzle

Getting the cost-tariff equation right is tricky  

Made in India or…

Controlling imports tightly can stifle efficiency. Laxity can compromise quality

Our Commonwealth

New gold rush

E-waste recycling hub: Moradabad

Rudimentary and risky ways of recycling cut costs, offer the formal sector tough …


Where’s the land for 8 per cent forever growth? Where’s the water?  

Resource war India after 2020

If the developing world today is the locus of climate change  mitigation, including …

On shifting sands

Thousands in Bihar prepare to migrate, again, as the Kosi changes course

Common science

A website helps people observe and understand nature while gathering scientific data

Bitters for starters

A typical Bengali meal is eaten course by course. Kaushik Das Gupta shows how the tradition …

Double Standards

Safety regulations are for imported toys only  

Copenhagen Diary