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Statistic of the decade: The massive deforestation of the Amazon

8.4 million soccer fields of land deforested in the Amazon over the past decade

A year of resistance: How youth protests shaped the discussion on climate change

Today’s youth saw themselves on the generational front lines of climate change, so …

More cold on the way for North India post-Christmas: IMD

Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan will be affected

Southern Africa most unequal region on the continent: Report

Top 10% of society in the region took the lion’s share of the national income, …

Cut inequality to fight climate crisis

Economic inequality raises carbon emissions, with the rich contributing most: Human …

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Decent outcome on 2020 Ambition

The text on ‘Chile Madrid Time for Action’ may have just salvaged this CoP

Climate Emergency CoP 25: India’s mixed role

India continued to push developed countries on climate action but played a less-than-…

Climate Emergency CoP 25: A failure on key deliverables

At least developing countries did not cave into weak rules on markets

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Madrid, the longest CoP ever, ends in disappointment

Never-before-seen disconnect between what climate science and people demand and what …

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Murmurs of Madrid being a failure grow stronger

Negotiations to continue into the wee hours of December 15, as parties are yet to arrive at …

CoP 25: Marginal improvements in new text on Article 6 Sustainable Development Mechanism

But some bad options have not been excluded, and human rights protections are still weak  

Climate Emergency CoP 25: New proposal by CoP Presidency will undermine next round of climate targets

The lack of accountability for past under-performance has consequences  

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Negotiations drag on, African group expresses worry over outcome

We would rather that there be no decision on some issues than having a bad decision, …

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Ranking of top climate change performers disregards consumption question

Reducing consumption needs to be a central axis of the global mitigation agenda

Climate Emergency CoP 25: New index makes scathing critique of climate laggards

Approval of Adani mine makes Australian government an “increasingly regressive force&…

Climate Emergency CoP 25: India must release its 2005 baseline emissions data

This will enable much high quality policy-relevant analysis of India’s road to …

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Negotiators in Madrid forced to look back before moving forward

Consensus on future ambition depends on accounting for past performance

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Loss and damage ‘fighting out’ in Madrid

Slow pace coupled with lack of focus on ambitious emission cut within close door …

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Europe’s Kafkaesque progress on climate action

The European Green New Deal is a pale imitation of the American original

Climate Emergency CoP 25: The European Green Deal is far from good enough

It offers a 50 per cent reduction when it should target complete decarbonisation by 2030

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Chile pushes for ambitious outcome in Madrid

However, even as the event reached its last day, resolution of key issues is still awaited

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Walk the Doha talk, say India, China

Pre-2020 emission gaps must be closed before moving on, insists Ravi Shankar Prasad