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IMD predicts summer warmer than usual

March has been extremely wet

Protecting peatlands can help attain climate goals

Peatland degradation can trigger release of stored carbon. A UN report underlined ways …

Sudden rains damage Bihar’s rabi crops

Farmers expected a decline in the production of fruits — including mangoes and litchis

Not so sweet: Honey production falls 40% in Bihar

Researchers have attributed the fall to erratic weather conditions in the state 

WMO report flags heatwave, cyclone conditions in India

India was severely affected by delayed monsoons, floods, according to the report

Sustainable Development Goals: 36 changes in global indicator framework

Eight indicators added, six deleted

This winter was United States’ 6th warmest: NOAA

According to US science agency, December 2019-February 2020 was mostly warmer and …

Species dependant on snow layer at risk: Study

Some animal and plant species are dependant on the snow layer known as ‘subnivium’

Recent rains due to western disturbances pointer to greater climate malaise

While it has rained heavily in certain districts, there has been none in others

Climate change will pose greater threat to global security by 2030: Military experts

Forced displacement and scale of natural disasters is likely to increase by 2040, …

EU climate law sets direction but lacks urgency: WWF

We need a climate GPS system, but this proposal is only a compass, it said

Half of world’s sandy beaches could disappear due to sea level rise by 2100

Even assuming better outcome for action on climate change, where global emissions peak …

Without mitigation, global methane emissions would rise by 30% until 2050: Study

A regional and sector-specific approach is important for methane mitigation strategies, it says

Is India heading for a deadly spell of heatwave again?

Amid forecast of a record-breaking warm year, the India Meteorological Department warns of …

Heathrow airport third runway ruled illegal by court

The court termed British government's policy unlawful for failing to take into account …

Nuclear power or coal plants? Study weighs in on costs and benefits

Environmental costs from both power sources were also examined by the study

New bacteria will help fight climate change, soil pollutants: Researchers

New bacteria is adept at breaking down organic matter, including cancer-causing chemicals, …

Blame climate change for a sweltering Kerala

Increased sea surface temperature leads to rise in humidity

Earth getting greener, NASA's new maps confirm

A significant increase in green cover in boreal and Arctic regions was observed in the …

Water supplies dry up as Thailand reels under worst drought in decades

Delayed and short monsoon, abnormally high temperatures have exhausted major reservoirs, …

Climate change impact on agriculture: 50 million to be poor by 2030, says UN body

Rising displacement due to disasters fuelling more conflicts

Indian economy will be hit hard by rising heat: Global report

By 2030, the average loss in daylight working hours could put between 2.5% and 4.5% of the …