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Small, marginal farmers hit hard by poor paddy procurement in Bihar

Govt agencies have procured hardly 11 per cent of targeted procurement of paddy since …

Extreme heat, drought make crops more vulnerable to soil-borne diseases: Study

Plant-eating fungus in the soil flourished at high temperatures, researchers found

Locust attack: Excessive pesticide use will take its toll on Thar ecology

The strongest pesticides used to counter locust invasions will leech into waterbodies and …

Locust attack: Plague a grim reminder of climate change's reality

Change in cyclonic patterns in Arabian Sea behind locust invasions in Africa, west and …

Union Budget 2020-21 spares little for climate mitigation

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman reiterates old announcements, cuts budget for National …

2020 Tyler Prize for the environment awarded to Indian economist who formulated Green Economy

Pavan Sukhdev, environmental economist, and Gretchen C Daily, conservation biologist, will …

Antibiotic resistance: Effect of climatic spike

A warming planet will induce the development of antibiotic resistance

Natural disasters cost $232 bln in 2019

At a loss of $2.98 tln, 2009-2019 was the costliest decade

How hot is hot: Advanced models forecast up to 5.6°C global warming

Climate models earlier didn't account for heat trapped by clouds

Budget 2020-21: Local level adaptation may be focus vis-à-vis climate change

Funds might be allocated to Panchayati Raj ministry, IMD, other institutions to minimise …

Locust attack: Govt caught completely unawares, minister admits

Instead of taking accountability, Rajasthan, Centre, blame each other, Pakistan

World’s oldest asteroid strike in western Australia might have triggered a global thaw

Models show that if the Yarrabubba asteroid hit an ice sheet 5 km thick, more than 200 …

Locust attack: Swarms pose most serious threat since 1993

Area measuring 370,000 hectares in Gujarat and Rajasthan affected

Davos 2020: Above all else, act now, says Greta

Only solution to climate emergency is to immediately stop emissions, she said

Top 5 global risks in next decade environmental: WEF report

The document also found a ‘generational shift’ in climate perception and warned …

Study shows how Arctic sea ice loss accelerates permafrost thaw

Research finds that Arctic permafrost thawed in the past as well when there was no sea ice, …

Irrigation does more than deplete groundwater, it changes climate too

More measured irrigation can help conserve water, suggests author of new study

Extreme weather: 2019 broke records; don't expect 2020 to be better

The imprint of climate change is here to stay

Worst marine heatwave on record killed one million seabirds in North Pacific Ocean

The heatwave may be just a taste of what is to come for seabirds around the world as …

India Climate 2019: Arabian Sea saw 400% more cyclones

In 2019, the monsoon season was the warmest in 118 years

Sunita Narain ‘national climate leader’ from India for 2019

Non-profit Climate Scorecard's first National Climate Leader awardee list published in …