Action not taken

Home grown power

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Into the void

Two steps faltering, plan takes third step

Field day

India's soils are in a bad shape. T V Jayan investigates

More and more urea

Fertilisers boost plant growth but imbalanced application soon leads to use-fatigue

More yield per hectare

More and more water

More and more loss

Reclaiming Simple Clod

Miseducation in Bastar

An ethnobotanist flags the problem with education in tribal areas

Water of life

The natives of Banni in Gujarat have developed a unique rainwater From highly technique …

Rivers, up close and personal

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Left to dry

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation hopes to arrest the city's dipping groundwater by reviving …

Sewage pond called Mansarovar

To restore Shahpura lake, also known as Mansarovar, Bhopal Municipal Corporation must …

Ganga bazaar

The Modi government has invested hugely in its mission to clean the Ganga, inviting …

Dehydrated state of America

As California enters the fourth year of the worst drought it has seen in over 1,200 years, …

Kerala's protected, yet polluted lake

Though Kerala's Ashtamudi lake is a Ramsar site, government bodies and industries continue …

Why better sewage management in Chennai will help fight floods

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World ocean assessment warns of excessive pressures on ocean resources

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Tax rebate to promote rainwater harvesting

Various municipal corporations in the country are offering concession of property tax in …