Bihar starts geo-mapping exercise to trace, identify thousands of water bodies

Bihar Remote Sensing Application Centre is tasked with handling the exercise

Novel coronavirus genomes in wastewater correlated with COVID-19 fatalities in Paris: Study

 SARS-CoV-2 genome levels in raw wastewater increased exponentially as the number of …

COVID-19: ‘Miniscule traces’ of novel coronavirus found in Paris’ non-potable water

It is essential that wastewater and sewage workers should use standard practices, …

Groundwater levels increase 12 feet in Bihar

Drought-prone Gaya district, which faced the worst water crisis in 2019, recorded the …

COVID-19: Fishermen from Andhra stuck in Odisha as state declares ‘fishing holiday’

Fishermen begin to weave nets, another source of income for them

COVID-19: New research examines wastewater to detect community spread

At least 440 people were likely infected with COVID-19 in the area around the …

Temperatures rise, live storage in 123 reservoirs declines

The levels plummetted to 47% from 57% of the total capacity in last one month, …

Groundwater in 10 Bihar districts contaminated by uranium: Study

Researchers yet to find the source of uranium in groundwater

Has COVID-19 lockdown really helped Yamuna health in Delhi?

Domestic sewage comprises 80% of pollution load and continues to get discharged into the river

COVID-19: Bihar flood control works stalled amid lockdown

Several embankment repair and maintenance works hit as workers head back home 

Policy agreements on climate change must take water into account: UN report

Climate change will further strain water-stressed countries, create similar problems …

Current financing inadequate for universal water, sanitation coverage: UN report

Ignoring climate risks and failing to increase water investments would threaten chances of …

Wash hands to fight COVID-19 outbreak. But is it safe?

Around 1.9 billion people in the world use non-potable or faecally-contaminated water

Water-stressed in India: JSA helped Tirunelveli farmers look at options

As farmers could not sow paddy due to water scarcity, Jal Shakti Abhiyan officials urged …

Water-stressed in India: Officials in Karnataka’s Chitradurga clueless about JSA

The district scored zero in some Jal Shakti Abhiyan indicators

Water-stressed in India: In Thanjavur, an outlier in need of conservation measures

The district ranked third in terms of water-conservation works under Jal Shakti …

Water-stressed in India: Bagalkot not doing enough to conserve water

The north Karnataka drought-prone district scored poorly under JSA 

Water-stressed in India: Curious case of 2 neighbouring Telangana districts

The contrast in the districts’ JSA rankings was due to proper implementation of schemes

Water-stressed in India: Ground water mostly neglected in rain-surplus South Goa

The district, which receives surplus rainfall, has repaired traditional mud bunds, …

Water-stressed in India: Experts unfazed over Bengaluru’s dismal JSA ranking

Bengaluru’s water woes and rapidly-depleting groundwater reserves led to it getting …

Water-stressed in India: Officials claim Hapur water table has risen due to JSA

UP district was among 10 worst perfomers in water conservation work

Water-stressed in India: Will flood-prone Katihar slowly turn dry

Mismanagement of supply and cultivation of paddy and maize to cause change