Patterns in the sky

It is that time of the year again when starlings roam the skies in huge swarms that form distinct patterns. Down To Earth tells you more about …

Good that Rajinikanth’s 2.0 talks of birds and cellphones but we need more studies: Experts

Do birds disappear due to electromagnetic radiation caused by mobile phones? Ornithologists think the issue needs more research


These eggs are low cholesterol, rich in omega 3 fatty acids

Entepreneurs experiment with hen feed to produce eggs that appeal to fitness freaks


Eight avian species declared “extinct” in new study

The species, most of which are South American, are the first avian extinctions of the 21st century


These self-taught doctors treat over 2000 wild birds a month in Delhi

Brothers Mohammad Nadeem and Mohammad Saud, have been rescuing birds for over 14 years. Every month, they treat 2000 birds out of their own …


A hospital for wounded birds

Brothers Mohammad Nadeem and Mohammad Saud, run one of the world's biggest hospitals dedicated to predatory birds in the world in Delhi's …

Protecting farmlands, not just forests, can also ensure bird biodiversity: study

A new study shows that species richness of birds was higher in agricultural lands than in the protected area, except for specialised species …


Climate change causes species to change habitats

A warmer climate is playing havoc with both flora and fauna


'The Sarus appears to be altering its nesting behaviour due to climate change'

K S Gopi Sundar, a well-known expert on cranes, recently conducted a study on how climate change and cropping patterns affect the nesting …


Climate change threatens survival of albatross

Rising sea temperatures will reduce the availability of prey for the predator seabird and their population growth rate will decline by 5.3%


Scientists unveil the genome of India’s national bird

The analysis reveals 99 genes that are unique to peacocks and could be responsible for peacock’s feathers and its long life span



Melbourne could go the Cape Town way: Study

A large forest near the city is on the brink of collapse, in turn endangering the city’s water supply