Climate Agreements

A possible Copenhagen deal - Update II

Negotiations on a possible Copenhagen outcome text are still underway, but enthusiasm for a deal is on the wane


Political declaration imminent

Non-legally binding agreement to be announced within …

Political declaration - Update I

A deal just reached between the US and BASIC countries appears to undermine every principle of effective collective …


Better to have no rulebook than a weak rulebook, says CSE

As negotiations enter the second week at the 24thmeeting of the Conference of Parties (CoP24)


CoP-9 in Milan: A Fashionable Trend for Climate Agreements

What will we see at the ninth conference of parties (CoP-9) to the UN climate change convention? Three things come to my mind. By Agus P. …


Do not burden poorer nations, says Vajpayee

Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, at the opening of the mninisterial section of Cop 8, said on Wednesday, October 30, that …


Response: Equity is not the only way

Here at the Centre for Science and Environment we have received some responses to Equity Watch and its articles. 


Climate Logjam

After wrecking the climate talks in The Hague, the US-led coalition refuses to participate in further negotiations in Oslo


Nuclear Madness

Even as the world abondons nuclear power, the Indian government and industry are pushing for it


Wait and watch

The US government is in transition. But why should the rest of the world suffer?


Conditions to aid and trade

World Resources Institute, a Washington-based non-government organisation, objects to criticism that Northern groups are arm-twisting …


Boiling point

Greenhouse gas emissions could raise global temperatures much more than previously forecast leading to drought and flooding as weather …


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