-- In 1996, China produced 1.4 million vehicles. By 2000, production is expected to reach 2.7 million and by 2010, six million

Registered motor vehicles in China (excluding scooters) are expected to reach 44 to 50 million by the year 2010. China's long-term goal is to have every household own a car

Growth in recent years in the use of motor vehicles in China has been dramatic. In the six years between 1987 and 1993, the stock of civilian motor vehicles (trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and tractors) increased by about 12% per year

In Beijing alone, the number of vehicles is growing by 15% per year. The total number of motor vehicles reached about 28 million in 1995. Though large in absolute terms, on a per capita basis China's motor vehicle fleet is not so big. Per capita registrations in China are only 3% of those in the US

The structure of the Chinese vehicle fleet differs from that of the industrialized countries in that only 12 per cent of the vehicles are passenger vehicles. In contrast, motorcycles represent a third of China's vehicle fleet 12jav.net12jav.net

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