Book Digest: Tracking climate change, internal displacements, COVID-19 fury and more

Book Digest: Tracking climate change, internal displacements, COVID-19 fury and more

From counting the costs of global consumption to national urban policy development efforts, DTE tracks contemporary books on development from leading authors

Extinction Rebellion and Climate Change Activism: Breaking the Law to Change the World | Oscar Berglund, Daniel Schmidt | Palgrave Macmillan | September 9, 2020

This book summarises and critiques Extinction Rebellion (XR) as a social movement organisation, engaging with key issues surrounding its analysis, strategy and tactics.

It talks about different forms of protest and the role of civil disobedience in their respective success or failure; democratic demands and practices; and activist engagement with the political economy of climate change.

Climate Change, Disasters, and Internal Displacement in Asia and the Pacific: A Human Rights-Based Approach | Matthew Scott, Albert Salamanca | Routledge | November 16, 2020

Climate Change, Disasters, and Internal Displacement in Asia and the Pacific examines how states in eight countries across Asia and the Pacific address internal displacement in the context of disasters and climate change.

It adopts a human rights-based approach, investigating the role of law and policy in preventing displacement, protecting people who are displaced, and engendering durable solutions across cases drawn from Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

Evaluating Climate Change Impacts | Vyacheslav Lyubchich, Yulia Gel, K Halimeda Kilbourne | Chapman and Hall / CRC | October 7, 2020

This book consists of chapters solicited from leading topical experts and presents their perspectives on climate change effects in two general areas: Natural ecosystems and socio-economic impacts.

The Fury of Covid-19: Before and After Covid-19 | Vinay Lal | Macmillan | October 21, 2020

The novel coronavirus disease outbreak is a watershed moment in global history. This book examines the precedents of this pandemic and its impact on politics, economy, ecology, culture and other aspects of human life.

Developing National Urban Policies: Ways Forward to Green and Smart Cities | Debolina Kundu, Remy Sietchiping, Michael Kinyanjui | Springer | August 17, 2020

The book analyses the past and ongoing national urban policy development efforts from around the globe, particularly those that can lead the way toward smart and green cities.

This book, which gathers contributions from academics, planners and urban specialists, reviews existing urban policies from developing and developed nations, discusses various countries’ smart and green urban policies, and outlines the way forward.

Wasted: Counting the costs of global consumption | Michael Redclift | Routledge | September 11, 2020

The ways we understand and think about the environment conditions our responses, our ability to meet the challenge, and discusses tangible policies for increased sustainability that are grounded in recent research and practice are among things to ponder over. Wasted offers a peek into the world of global consumption.

Parking Regulation and Management: The Emerging Tool for a Sustainable City | Daniel Albalate, Albert Gragera | Routledge | October 8, 2020

Parking Regulation and Management deals with a variety of topics. Among others, it covers the interaction of parking with other modes of transportation and its demand, its pricing and external effects, the role of information and digitalization, and the effects of regulation and its enforcement.

It also includes the views of practitioners, who discuss present parking in cities and the future of its management.

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