From Adam to ape

God, says the Kansas State Board of Education in the US, created the world in seven says. Evolution therefore doesn't exist. A new curriculum has evolved here

Published: Thursday 30 September 1999

In the beginning there was darkness. All enveloping. Then the Kansas Board of Education in the us finally saw the light. Evolution or rather the teaching of it had to go. The science of evolution had never been proven in a laboratory. Therefore, it must be dropped from the curriculum. Children must be taught the truth. How God made the world in seven days and how out of a man's rib he made woman.
The couple, Adam and Eve, were the first humans. The world, too, had merely been created the same week. They lived in the Garden of Eden approximately 10,000 years ago.

Charles Darwin first challenged this theory of creation. He replaced it with the theory of evolution in his book the Origin of Species . Darwin alleged something to the effect that all life on the planet had evolved from a common single-celled ancestor, born by accident in the slime of the Earth's early seas.

The Kansas decision also deletes references to ideas like the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe. But it isn't the first time people have reacted like this. The armies of Attila the Hun and Tamerlane -- possibly the highly evolved descendants of Tyrannosaurus Rex the original reptilian killing machine -- sacked and burnt libraries and universities. Galileo was forced to retract his statement that the world was round and not flat under pain of death and torture.

Even as we enter the 21st century, which is supposed to be the century of biotechnology, we find that all that scientists are doing is speeding up the process of evolution and mutation in the lab. Genetically modified and high-yielding varieties are a result of this. In view of the Kansas decision it comes as a surprise that here is one state where new varieties of foodgrains are preferred by farmers, to older, less evolved and less fit ones.

The scientist and farmers of Kansas state, however, are providing proof for Charles' outrageous theories here and now. But they are not the only ones. Let us look around the us economy. Its managers and workers were never provided the kind of protection that workers and managers were provided in the former Soviet bloc. Going by the law of the survival of the fittest we not only find that the us industrially outmatched the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ( ussr) , its weak managers failed to even keep the ussr afloat.

It seems the process of evolution has gone into reverse gear in Kansas. Some dinosaurs did not die out when they should have and now get to sit in board meetings. And Adam has finally become an ape. Born in the usa .

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