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The monitoring process measures impact and helps students to work towards change

Last Updated: Friday 15 July 2016
फोटो: विवेक मिश्रा
फोटो: विवेक मिश्रा फोटो: विवेक मिश्रा

The monitoring process measures impact and helps students to work towards change

Diana Toijam

Green Schools Programme (GSP) is an environment management system that audits, through students, the consumption of school resources within school campus, and helps school become good environmental managers by deploying pragmatic solutions to reduce wastage of precious resources.

GSP audit 2016

The focus of this year’s GSP audit is on Water and Sanitation; we will be working to make our green schools achieve water neutrality by 2019.

Are you wondering what exactly will the tasks be? Here you go:

Checking the current water consumption levels

This task will help in creating awareness on how much water is being used by the school. If your school is consuming water more than the prescribed norm, then strategise to control the consumption within the prescribed norm.

Ways your school stores water

Aren’t you curious to know how your school stores or conserves water? Yes indeed. After all, we need water for everything and keeping a check on its storage is one thing we can do.

Knowing the source and the supply

Where is the water that your school is using coming from? Any idea? It might be coming from a nearby river or pond which might be clean and safe surface water or just the opposite!

Keeping an eye on the plumbing and sanitation

The number of toilets along with ablution taps, water closets and drinking water fountains in the school should be adequate in number so as to prevent rush and frequent malfunctioning of the systems.

Knowing the rainwater harvesting practices of the school

If your school is practicing rainwater harvesting then find out what method is followed as per your state.

Amount of waste water reused/recycled

This practice will not only decrease the overutilisation of freshwater resource for secondary purposes but also if practiced wisely can add to your monthly income. So, go on and help recycle waste water.

Hey that’s not all; after the audit is completed you can take-up interesting activities which will help in accessing the surroundings as well. Always remember that overall sustainable development starts from a clean and sustainable neighbourhood.

Why not make your school the next green school? Be the Change Maker!

All you have to do is register your school for the upcoming GSP Audit 2016.

The registration is now open. All you have to do is go to the website : http://www.greenschoolsprogramme.org/registration/.

Please follow these steps for registration:

So register as early as possible, being early is being wise! Stay tuned and check our website : http://www.greenschoolsprogramme.org for the audit opening date.

If you have any problem/queries get in touch with us

Ranjita Menon (9871825346) ranjita@cseindia.org

Ajanta Sikdar (9873926822) ajanta@cseindia.org

Swati (011-40616000) swati_eeu@cseindia.org




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