Teenagers inHong Kong are eating theirway to sickness. They aremore prone to allergic diseases than their counterpartsin other Asian countries. Astudy says that Hong Konghas the highest number ofyoung allergic patientsamong Asian countries.Higher consumption of fastfood is being seen as one ofthe reasons leading to allergic diseases. Interestingly,the least number of asthmaincidences were found in thehighly polluted Guangzhoucity in China. The studyfound 12.4 per cent of 13 to14-year-olds surveyed to besuffering from asthma.Besides, they suffered thehighest proportion of rhinitis - inflammation insidethe nose with itchiness,sneezing, nasal discharge andblocked passages - with44.5 per cent incidence.According to some investigators, there has been a majorchange in the eating habits ofpeople with the entry of fastfood with high-salt content.

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