Published: Friday 15 October 1999

Cycling against dieselisation

I have been reading a number of articles in Down To Earth on your campaign against diesel. Dieselisation of the vehicle fleet can be contained only if alternatives are available. To move away from this petrol-diesel culture we must encourage the use of bicycles. They are environment-friendly and occupy less space. Thus, they will help in reducing traffic congestion.

The people will switch to bicycles only if the government offers incentives like abolishing sales tax on cycles and impose a pollution tax, like they have done in European countries. This move will go a long way in reducing pollution....

Nonsense science

This is with reference to the review of the book aids : the failure of contemporary science . This book is based on nothing but unscientific nonsense. The opinions published in this book lack knowledge and understanding of the scientific method.

What surprised me was that such a review should appear in Down To Earth. For example, the first paragraph of the review is essentially in support of the main thesis of the book without stating what the basis of such statements is. One would have expected that a review in Down To Earth should have torn such a book apart....

The role of the corporate

I congratulate the Centre for Science and Environment for the innovative and well-compiled Green Rating Project ('Enter the Green Rating Project'; Down To Earth , Vol 8, No 5; July 31, 1999). This is the first time that Indian industry has a mirror to see its own murky face. I must highlight the example of Daimler Benz, who annually publish a document on environmental accountability of all its products, plants and administrative departments. This effort is headed by a person as senior as the member of the board of management. This commitment is not only at the top but has trickled down to the workforce as well.

The article regarding the efforts of children to curb the polyethylene menace in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh was an eye-opener ('Adieu polybags'; Down To Earth , Vol 8, No 5; July 31, 1999). It proves that with public participation and awareness, the worst problems afflicting our environment can be tackled effectively. Polyethylene is also proving a menace in Mumbai, where polyethylene bags can be seen strewn all over with utter disdain for the environment.

Mumbai's per capita consumption of polyethylene could well be the highest in the country and the recycling percentage the lowest. I request you to initiate proceedings in this city to warn people of the harmful effects of polyethylene. The residents of Mumbai are very concerned about their city and I am sure they will respond in no time....

Golf Club blues

Delhi, which once used to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has today become a living hell. Air pollution is choking the residents of this city. Felling of trees has become widespread. One way to make Delhi green could be to close down the Delhi golf club and open its 71 hectares of land to the people. A variety of trees, including mango, neem , banyan and gulmohar , could be planted. This wonderful forest will then act as a lung to clean the poisonous air of Delhi....

Nice article

I enjoyed reading the article 'A nice idea' dealing with the wind energy sector in India. It was a well-researched and a balanced article. I hope Down To Earth will publish many such articles in the future....

Well said

Recently, I came across an issue of Down To Earth . To say that I was pleasantly surprised with the contents of the magazine will only be an understatement. It was shocking to know that diesel emissions can adversely affect human health ('Licence to kill', Down To Earth , Vol 8, No 4; July 15). Every citizen of this country must force the government to take necessary action....

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