Published: Sunday 31 May 1998

People's indifference

I was appalled to read in Down To Earth about the pitiable conditions of the residents in Delhi, Calcutta and other metropolitan cities where there is total disregard for the growing pollution. The government and the citizens are equally to blame for this sorry state of affairs.

It may not possible to expect the residents of these cities to take to their feet to deal with the air and water pollution. But what is shocking is that a majority of them do not even consider pollution as a problem.

I run a library in Hyderabad and when I introduced Down To Earth in my library, a lot of my readers were shocked to see a magazine in India which is dedicated to environmental issues. Some even laughed at the idea of running such a magazine.

Recently, there was a pollution awareness campaign in our city and a matador van was engaged for the purpose. Ironically, the matador van was the most polluting vehicle on the road. Is it not ironic that the vehicles that are used by the pollution control boards are also in a very bad shape? The Union and the state governments must first replace their own polluting vehicles. It is also no secret that the public transport vehicles owned by the government also contribute to pollution. The government needs to be pressurised to bring about a change. But before that the people must realise that pollution is a problem which affects each one of us. This is an issue which cannot be ignored.

Warangal, Andhra Pradesh.....

Go with the wind

This is with reference to the article, 'Against the wind' ( Down To Earth , Vol 6, No 20; March 15). The windmills in Aralvaimozhi-Palavoor near Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu won acclaim because they were the largest and the best in the sector of non-conventional energy source in the country. Tamil Nadu is today facing a serious power shortage. This has led to loss in industrial production and inconvenience to the public due to power cuts.

Therefore, irrespective of the cost involved, it is in the interest of the state and also the country as a whole, to encourage the production of power from every source of non-conventional energy. The Union and the state governments should look into the matter and restore the incentives so that the potential for wind energy in the area is properly augmented.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala....

Water woes

Many articles in Down To Earth have warned of an impending water crisis. It will be a pity if human civilisation, which originated on the river banks, disintegrates and perishes because of water wars. Let us all take a dispassionate view of all existing river water sharing controversies. Let us not also hesitate to treat water as a commodity.

Vadodara, Gujarat ....

Mindless killings

The media recently reported a killing spree of endangered migratory ducks and geese at Hokera in Jammu and Kashmir. Although hunting is prohibited, poaching is on the rise.

It is distressing to note that these killings had been going on for more than a fortnight and the law-enforcing agencies not only turned a blind eye, but also encouraged the perpetrators. This was probably because those involved with the killings were affluent and influential people. If the wildlife department of the Jammu and Kashmir government is not effective, then conscientious people should take immediate steps to stop such killing of endangered birds.

Pondicherry ....

Small correction

The news item on the Srishti hospital waste survey ( Down To Earth , Vol 6, No 21; March 31) made good reading. However, there is one point which needs correction. Out of all incinerators surveyed in hospitals, only one hospital had an incinerator which was working in conformity with the Central Pollution Control Board ( cpcb ) standards. The incinerators at All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Ram Manohar Lohia hospitals are not working at temperatures suggested by the cpcb (primary chamber 800 +-50 c and secondary chamber 1000 +-50 c ).

New Delhi....

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