Published: Tuesday 31 August 1999

Adieu mouse

It is time to bid the mouse of your computer a goodbye. No more clicking -- only tilting the screen will help you scroll down to the last line. This hand-held computer, named Itsy, has been developed by Compaq. A technique called "Rock 'n' Scroll" has been used for this. The tilt direction sets the scroll direction, while the magnitude of the tilt sets the scroll speed. Flipping and spinning the screen could also be given specific functions, says the firm. If you want to know more about Itsy, just click the old fashioned way at http://www.

Green with... Greenhouse sceptics are on the lookout for climatologists -- even in the cyberworld. These sceptics have their own niche on the infobahn. For example take On this site Fred Singer vents his anger at the us presidential hopeful Al Gore. The Centre for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change is busy recycling 20 years of research data to prove that plants grow faster if you pump more carbon dioxide at them. Want to know more about the bizarre revelations? Go to

This is not the end. More bizzare is the George C Marshall Institute ( with its unique mix of greenhouse politics and star wars militarism. However, the cake for the best sceptic site goes to Tasmanian John Daly: Its has some very good links and professes independence from sponsors. The site almost negates Greenpeace claims that record Alpine snows are caused by global warming. Another site to check on this issue is World Wide Fund for Nature (wwf) at, which claims that "snow receding from the peaks of the Alps," can also be blamed on warming. For a reality check, however, it's best to go to Climate Research Unit of the University of Anglia at www.cru. .

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