Published: Tuesday 15 February 2000

The digital protest No one could have ever imagined that digital technology would one day prove to be a powerful weapon for protest. But while the hectic World Trade Organisation (WTO) meet in Seattle, USA, was on protests that grabbed the headlines the world over were coordinated on the Net by mobile phone. Read the WTO director-general's statement at

Even media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is on record saying that authoritarian regimes have everything to fear from communication technologies. The Seattle meet proved this. leads to www. where a meeting at London's Euston Station was announced. This meeting turned to confrontation and many arrests in the evening.
Know about malaria Malaria kills at least 1.5 million people worldwide each year, especially in the developing countries. From the World Health Organization's plan to help countries prevent and treat the disease to efforts at sequencing the parasite's genome, researchers have, over the last two year, tried to cut the toll. For more information and news on malaria, visit, run by the non-profit Malaria Foundation International. The site provides a "one-stop shopping for malaria questions" for everyone, from researchers to the public, besides a scientific information section for links to journals, a free online epidemiology course and country-by-country statistics on the disease.
Pebble-strong Asteroids have come to suspect that the weak gravity of asteroids is because they are not solid chunks of rocks but piles of little rocks that whiz through space en masse . But how do these clumps crash together to form large bodies or collide and throw smaller pieces of rocks? Find out at www-hpcc.astro.washington. edu/faculty/dcr/Research/rubble.html.

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