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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

In 1956 M King Hubbert, a geologist for Shell Oil, predicted that production of oil would peak in the 1960s, and will decline then. Although derided by most in the industry, he was correct. Hubbert was the first to assert that oil discovery, and therefore production, would follow a bell shaped curve over its life.

The bell shaped curve when charted on a graph shows that the peak of production occurs when approximately half of the oil in a region--and presumably the world--has been extracted. Oil becomes more difficult and expensive to extract as a field ages past the mid-point of its life. In the US, for example, oil production grew steadily until 1970 and declined thereafter, regardless of market price or improved technologies

The site under review draws on Hubbert's hypothesis.Maintained by a group of US citizens, it has links to news on matters related to oil production, on conferences and meets pertaining to this hydrocarbon, as well as other sites that deal with oil. There are also links to blogs, academic and non-government institutions, industry associations and even individual commentators on oil-related issues. One can also contribute to the news section at the site.

There are forums with lively discussions on depleting hydrocarbons, on books relating to oil, on oil conservation and sustainability issues. On other forums experts answer questions related to peak oil. You need to be registered to access all the site.

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