Acts of nature


Published: Saturday 15 July 1995

Amitava Dasgupta is an avid traveller and a keen observer. He is also one of the few theater personalities in India trying to communicate environmental messages through theater.

Although he has been directing since 1970, and had a keen interest in environment since his early years, Dasgupta has recently started doing theater workshops involving environmental issues. One of his recent directions, Vasundhara, was staged at the WWF.

His direction is based on the theory of alienation from nature, and narration plays an important part in his style of direction. Says Dasgupta, "I put in a lot of scholarly research before I start a production. To make a convincing presentation I have to understand the complexities of the issue and yet make it seem very simple in form." He feels that in most places environmentalism is a elitist fad while the tribals and villagers are already in tune with nature.

Dasgupta is venturing onto the TV screen (DD1) with a serial that depicts how true relationships emerge as an aftermath of drought and floods. It will also show the resourcefulness of the people in surviving and dealing with disasters without governmental help which often does not reach them in time.

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