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COVID-19 : A New World Disorder (eBook)

A frontline review of how the pandemic changes the world and us; Editor: Sunita Narain


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By Sunita Narain
Published: Thursday 30 July 2020

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic can be regarded as the globalised world’s most localised emergency. It has gained notoriety as the world’s fastest disease outbreak that turned into a pandemic.

Barring lifestyle ailments, no other contemporary disease or infection has ever gripped the globe at this speed in recent memory. It has forced over half of the world’s population into an involuntary lockdown, and brought nations and their economies to their knees.

Six months into the pandemic, the world is yet to even imagine a recovery. It is an epochal event that is (and will be) fundamentally changing the world order and the way we exist in consonance with nature.

From political and economic ideologies to natural resource extraction, and to global trade and performance of development schemes, covid-19 has impacted all our existential coordinates.

This book, and the articles in it, not only offers the first draft of the pandemic’s immediate history but also explores what the world would be like, after this. One might refer to it as the “new normal” and argue its inevitability and its acceptance, but the writers here paint a picture of a world like never before. The question we may ask is, how prepared are we for such a world?

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ISBN: 978-81-946639-1-1, Pages: 254

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