From the blurbs

Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

The Asian Elephant in Captivity, A Field Study by Fred Kurt and Marian E Garai, Foundation Books Rs 695

Today, nearly one-third of Asian elephants live in captivity. This book provides data on ecology and behaviour of captive elephants. The Asian Elephant In Captivity draws from a recent research project of the authors and their co-workers in Sri Lanka and also from a number of their studies on wild and captive elephants in Sri Lanka, south India, Myanmar and South Africa as well as in several European zoos and circuses.

Gender and Green Governance by Bina Agarwal, OUP, Rs 625

Research on gender and green governance has focused mainly on women’s near absence from forestry institutions.

This interdisciplinary book turns that focus on its head to ask: what if women were present in these institutions? Would women’s inclusion in forest governance also affect conservation outcomes?

Alien Technologies, Coping With Modern Mysteries, Sage, Rs 295

Today, those who are alienated from technologies are at the mercy of those who are “in the know”. This could lead to the creation of a new kind of class system based on technology literacy. The book suggests remedies to overcome various kinds of technology alienation.

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