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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
Resisting Reform? Water Profits and Democracy
by Kshithij Urs and Richard Whittell, Sage Publications 2009, Price Rs 395

The book looks at attempt to reform Bangalore's water supply system and situates them in the city's broader development plans.

Agricultural Development, Rural Institutions and Economic Policy
edited by Gopal K Kadekodi and Brinda Viswanathan, Oxford University Press, Price Rs 795

This is a festschrift for the economist A Vaidyanathan. The essays in this volume pertain to water resources, farm and non-farm employment and governance---issues very close to Vaidyanathan's heart.

New forms of urban governance in India edited
by I S A Baud and J de Wit, Sage Publications 2009, Price Rs 850.

The book examines how local governments work with civil societies in governing mega cities in India.

The Oxford India Elwin, Selected Writings with an introduction
by G N Devy, Oxford University Press, Rs 795

Verrier Elwin is credited with unveiling before the world the civilization of India's tribal communities.This volume draws from a wide range of Elwin's writings including the autobiographical and scholarly ones. It has more than 100 photographs and illustrations.

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet
By Jeffrey Sachs, Penguin, Price Rs 350

Our task, Sachs argues, is to find a global course which enables the world to benefit from the spread of prosperity while ensuring that we don't destroy the eco-systems.
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