From the blurbs

Published: Thursday 31 March 2011

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, Angry Robot, Rs 300

For a genre that is often exploring different and alien cultures, science fiction has not always been brilliant at noticing the ones on Earth. Zoo City is amongst the few. With characters deeply twisty you can lose a giant squid in their nebulous hidey holes, and with turns of phrase that are as likely to conjure up Rudyard Kipling, Lauren Beukes has created an energetic and imaginative fusion of sci-fi and noir thriller.

Animal rights, what everyone Needs to know, Paul Waldau, US $16.95

Organised around a series of probing questions, the book offers an even-handed survey of the animal rights movement. Readers will gain insight into history of animal protection and become familiar with a range of hot button topics like attempts to balance ethical treatment of animals with their use for livelihoods. Chronicled here are key figures and organisations involved with the animal rights movement, as well as legislation and public policy.

Social responsibility and Environmental sustainability In business edited by Preeta M Banerjee and Vanita Shastri, Response Books, Rs 350

Reduction in public and priv a te spending on social progr a m mes has thrown up challen ges for environmentally sustainable growth. The book advocates countering the trend through global social entreprene u rship and local solutions.

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