From the blurbs

Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

Environment, an illustrated journey by R Rajagopalan, OUP, Rs 295

The author uses real-life environmental stories from India and abroad not just to illustrate the many problems we encounter in our daily lives, but to suggest remedies. Illustrations bring alive the immediacy of disappearing forests, depleting natural resources and escalating pollution.

Interlacing water and human health, case studies from south Asia edited by Anjal Prakash, V S Saravanan and Jayati Chourey, Sage, Rs 995

The articles in this volume deal with water and health with reference to water supply, sanitation, water pollution, natural disasters, urbanisation and industrialisation.

Windows into a revolution, edited by Alpa Shah and Judith Pettigrew, Orient Blackswan Rs 695

This book offers glimpses into the spread of Maoism in India and Nepal by tracing some of its effects on the lives of people living amid the revolutions. Weaving through the nostalgic reflections of former Bengali Naxalites; the resurgence of ancestral conflicts in the spread of the Maoists in the hills of western Nepal; the disillusionments of the Dalits of central Bihar in the policies of the cadres; the book offers insights into different stages of mobilisation and transformation into what are, were or may become, revolutionary strongholds.

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