From the blurbs

Published: Tuesday 31 January 2012

The politics of climate change and the global crisis: mortgaging our future by Praful Bidwai, Orient Blackswan, Rs 750

This book has dual focus: one, impacts of climate change and the politics of international negotiations; two, lndia as an example of an “emerging economy” major polluter, which can both aid or obstruct the fight against climate change. It analyses the role of the BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) grouping and the short-term calculations of other major players in the climate talks.

Grand pursuit, the story of economic genius by Sylvia Nasar, Simon & Schuster, US $35

As Sylvia Nasar tells it, the story of “the dismal science” of economics is a bright one of onward and upward progress. For Nasar, the story of economics over the last century and a half is a story about great thinkers devising tools of analysis, ideas that would give humankind at least some level of mastery over conditions of misery, mastery once thought to be immutable and utterly beyond human control or influence.

The telecom revolution in india, technology, regulation, and policy by Varadharajan Sridhar, OUP, Rs 750

This book highlights the unique cost structure, tariff regulation, and universal service obligations of basic telecom services. It dwells upon the different stages of spectrum allocation and management, including third generation and broadband wireless services. It describes the trade-off between competition and industry efficiency due to limited spectrum availability and fragmentation.

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