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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
Good Women Do Not Inherit Land, Politics of Land and Gender in India by Nitya Rao, Orient Blackswan, Hyderabad, Rs 795

This book takes us to the lives and anxieties of Santhal women in two villages of Dumka district, Jharkhand. The life histories span different social patterns but all of them relate to rights in landed property, and their own troubled identities in the backdrop of harsh living conditions.

Development Communication in Practice: India and the Millenium Development Goals by J V Vilanilam, Sage, Delhi, Rs 450

The book evaluates the coverage of developmental issues in Indian newspapers. The report card isn't good: 15 years after development has gone mainstream, poverty is under reported.

Biodiversity, Land-use Change and Human Well-Being, A study of Aquaculture in the Indian Sunderbans by Kanchan Chopra, Preet Kapuria and Pushpam Kumar, Oxford University Press, Delhi, Rs 795

This book examines how a spurt in export-oriented shrimp industry in the last decade has affected the landscape of the world's largest wetland.

Economic Reforms in India and China, Emerging Issues and Challenges, Edited by B Sudhakara Reddy

India and China have followed different paths to economic growth and yet both have emerged as poster boys of neo-liberalism. In this volume some of the most influential scholars in development economics from the two countries address issues pertaining to governance, agriculture and WTO negotiations.
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