From the blurbs

Published: Monday 31 May 2010

Indian Media in a Globalised World by Maya Ranganathan and Usha M Rodrigues, Sage Rs 550

This book explores the transformation of Indian media in the context of major developments in world economy and advances in communication technologies. It shows how developments in the past 20 years allowed media access to a host of things hitherto represented as “foreign” to Indian culture.

India’s Silicon Plateau: Development of Information and Communication Technology in Bangalore, R C Mascarenhas, Rs 525

This book argues that India’s information technology revolution predates the 1991 economic liberalization, resulting from the high quality of human resources produced by institutions established earlier. It shows how in a reversal of the brain drain, Indians are returning from abroad.

Water security and management, V Ratna Reddy, Academic Foundation, Rs 795

The book is based on four important aspects of irrigation management: canals, tanks, wells and water pollution. It highlights linkages between different sources of irrigation and argues for an integrated approach to water security.

Naturalist by Edward O Wilson, Orient Blackswan Rs 495

This is a new edition of an autobiography by one of the foremost biologists of modern times. It shows how Wilson’s youthful fascination with woods, swamps and ants blossomed into a lifelong calling. The afterword deals with some of the major conservation issues of our times.

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