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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
An African Diary, 12 days in Kenya's Magical Wilderness by Valmik Thapar, Oxford University Press, Rs 1995

With nearly 200 photographs An African Diary captures the complex web of life in the Mara in Kenya and Tanzania. There are the usual awe-inspired notes on the lion and the elephant. But the author is also alive to small wonders like the black-backed jackal and the bat-eared fox.

What on Earth Happened? By Christopher Lloyd, Penguin India, Rs 399

Imagine capturing 13.7 billion years in a pocket-size book.In this thrill-ride across millennia and continents, the history of the Earth comes to life: from the first signs of human life to the tentative future of a world with a global warming crisis.

Water and the laws in India, edited by Ramaswamy Iyer, Sage, Rs 995

Laws relating to water in India have diverse origins, including ancient local customs and the British Common Law. The chapters in this compendium straddles two domains: water-resource policy and water law. The book also briefly explores the case for an over-arching national water law.

The collected essays and shorter writings of Salim Ali, edited by Tara Gandhi, Permanent Black, Rs 895

Slim Ali, without question India's greatest ornithologist, was a prolific writer. Apart from his many books he wrote a large number of scientific papers, essays, and popular articles. This first-time collection of all these shorter writings has been painstakingly ferreted out and put together by Slim Ali's former student Tara Gandhi

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