Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

Images and representations of boulder-size bisons, grizzly bears and wild horses of the American wild west have now been brought together in a sprawling gallery of 4,650 square meters".

This entire space of the U5 wildlife art museum is devoted to sculptures) paintings and sketches of American wildlife" The uniqueness and novef nature of this museum 1ie$ in its setting. The visitor, while admiiing the paintings on the wall, can identify similar vistas and sights outside the window. Situated high in the Rocky mountains, the museum allows one to view the land that inspired the works of art exhibited.

Apart from housing1t galleries, the museum boasts of a 200-seat auditorium, two classrooms and a film library. Sculptures are exhibited separately in an outdoor garden. What the US wildlife art museum really lacks is a representation of American Indian art.

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